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By Jonathan Miniello on 06/07/2013 @ 04:06 PM

In October 2012, Miami native Jonathan Miniello, 24, embarked on a special journey to Israel with Otzma, a 10-month program designed to immerse participants in the day-to-day, real life of Israel, as they volunteer and intern in different communities. Miniello documented his time in Israel in a video series that he describes below. Support from the Greater Miami Jewish Federation makes Masa Israel-affiliated programs, like Otzma, possible. Click here for more information on Israel programs and experiences.

Otzma has been a truly unique and multifaceted experience.

We move from city to city and from adventure to adventure. I decided to join the Israeli Media Fellowship project to boost my Israel experience and was given a creative project to complete. I had to make a video series describing my journey.

I made two videos: one about the Building Future Leaders Conference and my time in Jerusalem; and another about my time volunteering in Haifa.

I tried to create the videos for two purposes: First, to serve as a souvenir for me and my friends, but also to tell a tale. I hope you all enjoy seeing Israel through my eyes.

Click here to watch a video about the Building Future Leaders Conference and my experience in Jerusalem.

Click here to watch a video about volunteering in Haifa.

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