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Posted on 12/21/2012 @ 12:12 PM

Debut of new Jewish heritage website— Aventura, Florida Founder, Dr. Sam sugar announces the debut of a unique web portal designed to promote inter generational engagement with the moral lessons of the holocaust. after extensive research and development, the locally developed site was live on the web on December 19, 2012.

Dr. Sugar said " is a web based portal to educate, identify with and honor holocaust survivors as an important aspect of modern Jewish heritage. we facilitate the creation, storage and social media dissemination of endearing and highly personal holocaust video memorial tributes from our users who may be among the following generations of the survivors or may be those interested in becoming a part of the inspirational success of those survivors worldwide. we also provide an on line opportunity to sponsor proxy recitation of the kaddish, the traditional prayer of remembrance for the departed in a growing network of institutions who hold daily sevices (minyanim)"

"in a time of concern about our connection to the moral lessons of the holocaust, particularly among younger people for some of whom the holocaust is merely another page in a history book, aims to engage inter-generational connection with and stake holding by use of social media and the efficiencies of the web" sugar said. the not for profit endeavor will recruit video submissions from students, families and especially from children and grandchildren of holocaust survivors. The videos, which are so easily produced these days will be posted on and available for sharing on social media sites including a private youtube channel and Facebook page. "in consultation with respected academics in the field of Jewish demography, and a prestigious advisory board, we aim to confront the alarming and growing lack of identification with Jewish heritage in the post holocaust generations. opportunities for social networking will make participating a pleasant experience and allow us to address the unmet, and often unrecognized need to take part in our Jewish heritage" sugar says. Ultimately, aspires to be become an integral part of a major holocaust organization's outreach. the initial trial niche of participants will be in Miami Dade which is home to a large Jewish and survivor population.

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