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Posted on 09/13/2012 @ 02:54 PM

Bet Shira Congregation welcomes MUSICA JUDAICA for HIGH HOLY DAYS

      Cantor Mark Kula welcomes South Florida’s professional Jewish ensemble as a feature this Jewish New Year holiday.  Musica Judaica, led by artistic director Coreen Duffy, will sing at Bet Shira Congregation for the High Holy Days.  Musica Judaica consists of an a cappella octet of well-known South Florida vocalists, including members from regional opera companies, music educators, and other professional musicians.

      Musica Judaica will perform Classic, Contemporary, and International High Holy Day liturgy, as well as music composed by the ensemble’s director, Ms. Duffy.  She is a conductor-composer and doctoral candidate in choral music at the University of Southern California.  Ms. Duffy serves as faculty in Musicology at the University of Miami Frost School of Music and conducts choral groups throughout South Florida. 

      “The idea behind Musica Judaica is quality Jewish music, top-notch performance, and flexibility of ensemble,” Duffy says of the group’s mission. “Musica Judaica is a professional choir, an orchestra, a pop group—a consort with a goal of performing quality, diverse Jewish literature.”

      Cantor Mark Kula joins together with Musica Judaica for the High Holy Days.  A member of Bet Shira’s clergy for over twenty years, Kula has integrated music into every aspect of Bet Shira. 

      “Choral repertoire for the High Holy Day liturgy is rich with color, passion, and soul-searching,” says Kula.  “These are musical reflections of the spirit of renewal and forgiveness inherent in the Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement.  Coreen Duffy, a Jewish music scholar and conductor, is driven to bring this great repertoire to light in South Florida. Bet Shira welcomes this level of musical rendition, making the prayer experience joyful and meaningful.

      Musica Judaica will perform at Bet Shira Congregation, located in S.W. Miami-Dade at 7500 S.W. 120th Street, Pinecrest, on Monday morning, September 17, for Rosh Hashanah, as well as on Tuesday evening, September 25, and Wednesday morning and afternoon, September 26, for Yom Kippur. High Holy Day tickets are available from Bet Shira Congregation.  Some services are open free to the public.  For information, call (305) 238-2601 or visit  Please note Services are also live-streamed for the entire community at the Bet Shira website.

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