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Join the Ongoing Efforts to Help Support Victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean and the Earthquakes in Mexico

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Posted on 09/26/2017 @ 01:54 PM

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation continues to assist those in the Jewish and general communities who are struggling following Hurricane Maria and the Mexican earthquakes.

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In Puerto Rico and across the Caribbean, millions are still experiencing tremendous difficulty following Hurricane Maria’s landfall. Communications, water and electrical services have been severely affected. People are waiting desperately for our help. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of them and their families.

In Mexico, major earthquakes have killed hundreds of people and destroyed buildings.

Federation's network of local and international partners has allowed us to respond quickly and effectively to the tragedies in both Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico. In fact, Israeli search-and-rescue organizations were among the first on the ground following the disasters. In partnership with IsraAid, Israel's largest humanitarian and rescue NGO, Federation is distributing clean water, relief supplies and medical and psychological help to children and families who have lost their homes. But, there is still much work to be done.

One hundred percent of all contributions will be directed to assist victims of the disaster relief fund(s) you designate.

Donation checks should be mailed to Greater Miami Jewish Federation, 4200 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137. Please note the amount you would like to donate to each relief fund. For assistance, you may also call 305.576.4000.

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