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JCS Fetes Volunteers at Annual Meeting

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Posted on 06/16/2012 @ 08:51 PM

Jewish Community Services recently held its 12th Annual Meeting at Temple Beth Sholom with a focus on the valuable contributions of volunteers who enhance quality of life for the agency’s clients. A program presided over by outgoing Board Chair Shelley Niceley Groff included the installation of officers, consisting of Richard Hoffman, Incoming Chair; Helen Chaset and Daniel Jacobson, Vice Chairs; Jonathan Raiffe, Treasurer; and Abe Rudman, Secretary.

Incoming Chair Richard Hoffman, Certified Public Accountant and consultant at CBIZ MHM, LLC, stated “We will continue to gauge the efficacy of JCS’ current programs and services, while evaluating the community’s future needs and build on our strengths so we can help the most people.”

Niceley Groff received proclamations and praise for her achievements as Board Chair since 2010. “She has maintained a high community profile, serving as a savvy representative of JCS who put her heart and soul into her duties,” said President and CEO Fred Stock.

Stock also discussed initiatives undertaken for the new fiscal year, stating “JCS is aggressively increasing its outreach efforts, partnering with local agencies to bring our expertise directly to the community outside of the usual office environment. We are also targeting services to previously underserved groups such as the Orthodox community, expanding existing programs and developing new fee-for-service programs.”

In addition to many five, 10 and15 year honorees, the following staff were recognized for their extraordinary tenure: 30 year honorees Sylvia Goldsmith, Executive Vice President and COO, and Randi Adler, Clinical Director in JCS’ Behavioral Health Services; and 25 year honoree Ellie Shapiro, Senior Meals Program Director.

Awards were also presented in these categories: Community Partner: Michael A. Krop Senior High School; Community Leadership: Sharon Yudewitz, National Council of Jewish Women; and Outstanding Achievement: David Blasco, client in JCS’ Rehabilitation and Employment Division.

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