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Temple Israel to offer Hebrew classes, beginning Sept. 29

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Posted on 09/16/2013 @ 05:52 PM

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Six-week 'Read Hebrew America' classes free and open to the community

Temple Israel of Greater Miami will offer two six-week READ HEBREW AMERICA courses beginning Sunday, September 29. Free and open to the community, the weekly courses will be offered through November 3 at beginner and intermediate levels, both held at 10 a.m. on the Temple Israel campus, 137 N.E. 19 St., Miami.

Level 1 is geared to those with little or no background in Hebrew, and concentrates on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and reading skills.

Level 2 is designed to improve students’ reading skills and fluency by introducing them to special pronunciation rules and basic Hebrew grammar to help them expand their Hebrew comprehension skills.

Below, you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about RHA, sponsored by the National Jewish Outreach Project (NJOP). If you have always wanted to learn to read Hebrew, this is your chance. All we ask is that you register in advance for the Level 1 or Level 2 class so we know how many people to expect.

To register or for more information, contact the Temple Israel office at or 305.573.5900.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is Read Hebrew America? READ HEBREW AMERICA (RHA) is NJOP's mega Hebrew literacy campaign to win back the hearts of North American Jews. The Annual RHA will take place this Fall. RHA invites tens-of-thousands of Jewish adults into synagogues and Jewish centers throughout the United States and Canada to foster Jewish identity and create awareness about the importance of Hebrew literacy.
  • How is the Hebrew Reading Class Scheduled? The Hebrew Reading Crash Course runs over a period of six weeks. Each of the six classes is an hour-and-a-half long and is held on the same day and time each week. At Temple Israel, the class will be held at 10 AM beginning Sunday, September 29 through Sunday, November 3.
  • What is the Cost? FREE! The National Jewish Outreach Program is proud to be able to present this program at no cost to the students or the Temple.
  • Will I Learn to Speak Hebrew? The Hebrew Reading Crash Courses are designed to teach students the fundamentals of reading Hebrew.
  • Will I Be Learning Biblical or Modern Hebrew? The Hebrew Reading Crash Courses introduce students to plain Hebrew with the phonetics used in Israel today. Thelessons are based on the Hebrew found in the Jewish prayer book.
  • If I Miss a Class, Can I Still Attend? Because of the brevity of the course, we strongly suggest not missing any of the classes. If you have missed the first class, please contact the instructor to see if he/she will mind your joining the class late.
  • What if the Class is Too Fast or I Need More Time? NJOP recognizes that everyone learns at their own speed. The class has been designed for students who have no background knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet. However, it does sometimes happen that a class will be made up of a majority of students who have some experience and hurry the class along. Please don't be intimidated. Speak to the teacher privately, and remember, reviewing at home is critical. If, however, you feel that you are still unfamiliar with the Hebrew words, please feel free to take the class again, for free, as often as you find necessary.
  • If I Can't Get to a Class, Can I Do It at Home? NJOP strongly recommends participating in a class rather than studying by one's self. Students who learn with a class have a much better rate of retention and benefit from hearing the instructor's pronunciation.

To register and for more details, contact the Temple Israel office at 305.573.5900 or

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