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BBYO Announces International Scholarship for Gap Year Program, Beyond

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Posted on 01/07/2013 @ 04:32 PM

BBYO, the leading pluralistic teen movement aspiring to involve more Jewish teens in more meaningful experiences, is offering an International Scholarship towards their gap year experience, BBYO Beyond. The scholarship is need-based, and qualifying participants may receive up to $2,000 towards the tuition for Beyond.

“ A gap year program offers a lot of benefits to a teen just out of high school, and even more so to a Jewish teen who is spending a year in Israel, where they are learning not only about themselves but about their religion and homeland as well”, said Rina Rebibo, program manager for Beyond. “I am so thankful that BBYO sees the importance of the gap year, and has created this scholarship program. I was hearing from some registrants that they were nervous they would not be able to afford a gap year program, and I did not want to have someone not do our program due to financial issues.”

Currently, Masa offers up to $3,000 in need based aid, and certain local communities also offer need based aid for gap year programs. The BBYO International Scholarship will make the program that much more accessible to families and students who want to spend a year in Israel, before going to college, but cannot afford it.

BBYO Beyond offers a 5-month and a 9-month program. The cost for the 5 month program is $15,250 and the 9 month program is $20,950. Should a participant on the 9 month program receive a full grant and BBYO International Scholarship, the cost would come down to $14,950. This is not including any other local funding that may be available. Ms. Rebibo continues, ”For about $15,000 a participant can come back home stronger in their identity, with greater leadership skills and up to 13 college credits. This is a great opportunity for teens who are looking to strengthen themselves before going off to live life on a college campus.”

For more information, visit

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