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2012-2013 Jaime & Raquel Gilinski Hillel Ambassadors are Recognized

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Posted by ilc on 09/12/2012 @ 03:42 PM

On September 12, Scheck Hillel Community School gathered to honor its 2012-2013 Jaime and Raquel Gilinski Hillel Ambassadors and to show its appreciation for the Gilinski family for founding the special program, which is exclusive to the school.

The Jaime and Raquel Gilinski Hillel Ambassador Program is the first merit-based scholarship of its kind in Hillel history. Created in 2009, the program recognizes students in Grades 6-12 who demonstrate their commitment to learning in extraordinary ways. These students are school ambassadors to the extended community because they bring to life the Hillel mission through accomplishment and talent…whether in the classroom, on the field, on stage or at a community project.

Remarkable students complete applications every year. While Hillel is proud to have so many accomplished students, it is only a select few who fulfill the Gilinski Hillel Ambassador role. Their belief in the Hillel experience and their commitment to community reflect character and an understanding of the responsibility that comes with this opportunity. Specifically, Hillel seeks to engage students with exceptional:

  • Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Resiliency and dedication
  • Creativity
  • Sense of purpose and vision
  • Emotional intelligence and perceptiveness
  • Passion

After a spring 2012 application process that was even more rigorous than past years, Hillel recognized the following students as this year’s Ambassadors. In addition to the lifelong honor of joining the first three generations of Ambassadors, they have received grants toward Hillel tuition for the 2012-2013 school year.

Jonathan Abbo, Grade 6

Shanee Markovitz, Grade 8

Abraham Milhem, Grade 9

Abraham Shalom, Grade 9

Ilana Woldenberg, Grade 9

Victoria Cohen, Grade 9

Eugenia Bejar, Grade 11

Janna Berenson, Grade 11

David Broide, Grade 11

Shoshana Wolf, Grade 11

The vision of the Jaime and Raquel Gilinski Hillel Ambassador Program is to honor students who show exceptional commitment to education and Hillel, encouraging the lifelong learning and leadership that Jewish continuity requires. With gratitude to the Jaime and Raquel Gilinski family, mazel tov to these extraordinary student leaders!

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