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23rd Annual “Ministering to the Elderly” Conference on Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Enhancing Hope: Supporting the Quality of Life and the Dignity of Death

According to conventional wisdom, enhancing hope in aging populations and those close to the end of life is not only futile but also possibly counterproductive. However, recent clinical research demonstrates hope’s power to assist people as they navigate the myriad of decisions they and their caregivers must make in critical times. Hope is not a plan, but it can be the foundation of a process in which the emergent goals and desires of those we serve are affirmed, providing them with the dignity they deserve as they approach the end of life. Dr. Benjamin J. Corn has pioneered new and innovative approaches to enhancing and quantifying hope, indicating that hope contributes to the wellbeing and the resilience of elders and those close to the end of life.

Hope may be an elusive concept, not easy to define. Dr. Corn will present a model that defines hope as a process to establish personal and clinical goals, set pathways and identify methods to optimize meaning and quality at the end of life. In this way, we can treat the whole human person, respecting their values and desires. The application of such a “hope model” in the course of end-of-life treatments is a revolutionary concept, based on methods currently used by the social sciences when dealing with trauma and at-risk populations.

The objective of enhancing hope is to help a person look forward to yet another day with optimism, resilience and spiritual energy. Although this is a valid goal for someone at every stage of life, enhancing hope in a person close to the end of life acquires particular importance. Hope can truly make the difference between dying “at a good and ripe age, old and contented” like the patriarch Abraham (Gen. 25:8) or dying a lonely or even painful death.

Enhancing hope works hand in hand with other central components of an overall strategy to care for people who are close to the end of life. The conference also highlights exploring the field of palliative care as well as the role of spirituality in the creation of meaning and dignity at the end of life.

About Benjamin W. Corn, M.D.

Dr. Benjamin Corn earned his BA and MD degrees from Boston University and completed his post-graduate training at the University of Pennsylvania. As a Professor of Oncology for almost 25 years, he is a highly regarded lecturer in the scientific community.

Dr. Corn’s commitment to fostering hope, meaning and dignity for his patients goes beyond words. Through Life’s Door and in collaboration with international academic partners, he is leading research efforts to unravel the mysteries and mechanisms of hope on the behavioral and neuro-scientific levels, including the training of medical professionals and patients in the Hope-Enhancement model.

Life’s Door is an Israeli organization that raises awareness of the importance of professional self-care, end-of-life conversations and mind-body tools to bring about hope, meaning and resilience for patients, families and healthcare professionals.

Continuing education credits will be available for mental health care professionals, guardians and nursing home administrators.

Temple Israel of Greater Miami
137 NE 19th Street
Miami, FL 331327

8:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

$36 per person

Includes CE credit, continental breakfast and lunch.

All meals provided are kosher certified meal (KM Hashgacha).

Sponsorships and exhibit tables available. Call 786.866.8621 for more information.

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*Continuing education credits for mental health professionals will be available through Jewish Community Services. Credits will be available for legal guardians through Guardianship and Case Management Services, Inc. Continuing education credits for nurses will be available through Miami Jewish Health.

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