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Klez-Meetup Featuring Hip Klezmer

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Posted by jenniperson on 11/15/2012 @ 02:10 PM

Wednesday, November 28 at 8pm, Next@19th 137 NE 19th Street, Miami

Next@19th, South Florida Jewish Cultural Group (Ages 25-45), and Chai Wavers of Temple Solel are joining forces to present a special evening featuring The Chai Notes, a hip Klezmer band, that is new to town.

Many of you have asked what Klezmer music is. Klezmer is the musical soul of Ashkenazi - Eastern European - Jewry. It’s raucous, gypsy, Balkan sound, which is presently enjoying a revival, has been uplifting generations in some form, since the Biblical period. Klezmer has influenced American Jazz and Pop since the 1880s. The swooning, weeping, laughing, human-sounding licks created by horns, strings and the ever-present and full-camp wails of the accordion, define the Klezmer sound. This boisterous sound still influences pop music today, such as in the music of They Might Be Giants, Barenaked Ladies, Gogol Bordello and others.

If you want to get a taste of what Klezmer sounds like, listen to this piece from The Klezmatics, one of the most famous Klezmer bands today:

Some people say that to recognize Klezmer music, think Fiddler On The Roof. At Next@19th, we like to think of contemporary Jewish culture and music as possessing possibilities way beyond Fiddler On The Roof. For example, listen to The Yiddish Princess (i.e., Sarah Gordon):

Contemporary Klezmer is the kind of revival Klezmer we find in The Chai Notes. Unique to the band is their "hybrid" blends of Klezmer/Israeli music, with hits from classic American pop repertoire and other hybrids of famous American tunes, with songs from Jewish liturgy, songs from the Yiddish Theater, as well as culturally diverse new takes on Klezmer standards. Check out a video of The Chai Notes at:

Instrumentation for the ensemble is also innovative from the traditional Klezmer instrumentation creating a very fresh and interesting sound, featuring instruments such as: chromatic and diatonic harmonica, melodica, accordion, zampona/moseno and other indigenous Andes wind instruments, Latin cajon/percussion, clarinet/soprano sax, piano, 6-string bass, and female vocals.

Tickets are $18 in advance at or by phone at 800-838-3006 and $25 at the door.

Refreshments available.

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