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Be Aware of Scams During the Coronavirus Crisis

There have been reports of people taking advantage of the coronavirus crisis.

During this trying time, it’s easy to fall prey to a scam, especially when we are all worried about our health.
Please be aware of the following scams:

  • People going door-to-door to sell COVID-19 testing kits.
  • Texts/emails/phone calls from companies offering fast test results.
  • Texts/emails asking the recipient to “click a link” to claim their free face mask from the Red Cross or similar organizations.
  • Texts/emails that the recipient is suspected to have come in contact with/be infected by COVID-19 and requests credit card information to ship medication.
  • Offers to invest in stocks related to the illness.
  • Various organizations soliciting online donations for COVID-19-related work.
  • Emails and texts that appear from a known Rrabbi soliciting donations.

As the situation evolves, criminals may use other tactics to profit from the crisis.

Some of the best practices you can employ against these scams include:

  • Only seek information from trusted sources, including the CDC and Florida Department of Health.
  • Outside of the approved locations, DO NOT respond to any offers to buy COVID-19 testing kits etc. whether through text/email offers, over the phone, or at your door step.
  • Do not open unknown emails/texts, and NEVER click on any links, from unknown senders. If you do not know the sender or , nor recognize the email address or phone number, delete it.
  • When in doubt, research it. Before you respond to any request, especially one for money, you should confirm to the best of your ability that the request is legitimate,. Contact for example by contacting the organization on your own to verify the details. If you are being solicited at your door step, DO NOT allow anyone into your home. Excuse yourself, for example by saying you will need time to consider the offer/appeal, close and lock your door , and report the incident to police.
  • Report it. If you have been targeted by any of these scams you should report it to local police. If it is an emergency call 911, otherwise you can call the non-emergency number for your police department.
  • Once you have reported it to police, please contact the Greater Miami Jewish Federation Community Security Director at so that updated and relevant information can be shared more broadly across our community.

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