Our Partners

We are so happy that you are a CJL partner organization. Below are important resources and documents to help guide you through implementation, maintenance and success of the CJL program. Many of these documents were provided at the CJL training sessions. They include power point presentations and resource materials from the training sessions, tip sheets, a checklist for success, and spreadsheets and reports for the professionals. If there is anything you would like to request to have added, please contact the CJL office at 786.866.8627 or CreateaJewishLegacy@JewishMiami.org.


Article: CJL Press Release
Community Post Article October 2012
Community Post Article May 2013
Article: CJL Press Release #2 Announcing Cohort 2

Handbook: Vetting (Prospect Evaluation) Process
Handbook: Partner Benefits & Responsibilities
Handbook: Partner Team Roster Cohort 1
Complete Handbook 2013
Handbook: Partner Team Roster Cohort 2

Passover Tools: The “WHY” Cards (front)
Passover Tools: The “WHY” Cards (back)
Passover Tools: How to use the “WHY” Cards

Letters: Generic CJL Donor Letter
Letters: DOI Thank You Letter
Letter: DOI Next Steps Letter

CJL Logo- Color
CJL Logo- Black and White
Marketing Best Practices- Cohort 1: Jan. 2013-Aug. 2013

PowerPoint Training #1 January 2013: CJL 101 and Kickoff
PowerPoint Training #2 February 2013: Board Engagement, Prospecting and Marketing
PowerPoint Training #3 March 2013: Making the Ask
PowerPoint Training #4 April 2013: Stewardship and Recognition
PowerPoint Training #5 May 2013: Looking Back and Looking Forward
PowerPoint Training #6 October 2013: Turning your Declaration of Intent into a Documented Gift

Incentive Grant Benchmarks Year 1 (2013-2014)
Incentive Grant Quarterly Report
Spreadsheet: Tracking Declarations of Intent (DOI)

DOI Resources: Turning your Dec to Doc
Complete Checklist for Success

Summer Tools: Bunk Notes June #1
Summer Tools: Bunk Notes June #2
Summer Tools: Bunk Notes July #3
Summer Tools: Bunk Notes July #4
Summer Tools: Bunk Notes August #5
Summer Tools: Bunk Notes August #6

Tip Sheet: Hints for Making the Ask
Tip Sheet: E-Signature Ideas
Tip Sheet: Brochure Tips and Next Steps
Tip Sheet: Top 10 Planned Giving Gifts
Tip Sheet: 10 Easy Legacy Gift Ideas

Thank you to the Jewish Federations of North America and The Grinspoon Foundation's Life and Legacy program,
for their financial support in the Create a Jewish Legacy Miami program.