Professional Partnerships and Education

Create a Jewish Legacy (CJL) is a new initiative of The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, and recognizes the vital partnership among professional advisors, philanthropic clients and organizations to dramatically enhance the community's long-term endowment. To provide you with the tools and trends you need to most effectively assist your clients with legacy gifts, Create a Jewish Legacy and the Professional Advisors Council offer Certified Legacy Advisors (CLA) training. Participating in CLA gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals while giving back to the community.

What Is a Certified Legacy Advisor?

Certified Legacy Advisors are professional advisors who attend two training programs about Create a Jewish Legacy and have agreed to assist with the creation of legacy gifts through conversations with their clients that will benefit the Jewish community in Miami in perpetuity.

CLA Training Sessions

The Certified Legacy Advisor training series will begin again in the fall 2014. If you are interested in participating in the training that begins in the fall, please contact Emily R. Stone, Esq. the Director of Commerce and Professions at 786-866-8414 or

Each training session is 90 minutes. We have applied for CLE, CPE, and CFP professional continuing education credits for these sessions.

As a Certified Legacy Advisor, you will receive the following benefits:

• Name, company, email and phone number listing on Create a Jewish Legacy community website
• Link to Create a Jewish Legacy Facebook page and other social media
• Program recognition in publicity materials, including press releases and website stories
• Name included in a list of Certified Legacy Advisors provided to partner agencies
• Permission to use Create a Jewish Legacy name and logo for marketing purposes
• Permission to provide a link on your website to the community Create a Jewish Legacy website

Note: Designation as a Certified Legacy Advisor does not imply endorsement by the Greater Miami Jewish Federation.

What Is the Professional Advisors Council?

The Foundation's Professional Advisory Council (PAC) works to build bridges
between our community's professional advisors and The Foundation.
PAC is a group of more than 200 men and women in the legal, accounting,
investment, financial services and estate planning fields.

Click here to find out more about PAC.

Click here to learn more about Ways to Give and explore the options with an easy-to-use Charitable Gift Planning Calculator.

Create a Jewish Legacy
(CJL) is a program sponsored and presented by The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation and is a collaborative effort of our area agencies, synagogues and day schools.

Create a Jewish Legacy is partnering with the institutions listed below. In addition, we are happy to accept gifts on behalf of your most cherished Jewish organizations.

Neither The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation nor its Create a Jewish Legacy partner agencies are engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory services. Individuals considering gifts to the Greater Miami Jewish Federation or its Create a Jewish Legacy partner agencies should obtain the services of a financial advisor, such as an attorney, certified public accountant and/or chartered life underwriter.