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As you prepare to travel to Israel, there are countless things to consider. The Greater Miami Jewish Federation is here for you, providing tips to help you!

Please note: The information provided here pertains only to Missions to Israel. If your travel plans with the Greater Miami Jewish Federation include visits to locations outside of Israel, you will be provided with additional tips from our Missions Coordinator.

For more information, contact us at or 786.866.8436.

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Passport and Visa

You will need a signed U.S. Passport for travel to Israel, valid for at least six months after your return date to the U.S. Please carry it with you. Do not pack it in your luggage. Consult your local U.S. Passport office if you have any questions about the validity of your passport or if you must renew your current one. If you are not a U.S. citizen, please contact the Israeli Consulate for the most up-to-date entry requirements.

U.S. citizens need not apply for a visa before leaving for Israel — they will be given this visa upon their arrival in Israel free of charge. Anyone traveling to other countries requiring visas should check with the appropriate consulates directly for application forms and information on how to process the application.

For more information, visit the US Passport office at

Health Regulations

No special health regulations are required for U.S. citizens traveling to Israel. We recommend that you take every precaution to safeguard your health while you are abroad and that you see your physician prior to your departure if you have any medical problems.

Medicines and other medical supplies should be carefully labeled and stored with your carry-on luggage. It is suggested that you bring a second pair of prescription eyeglasses/contact lenses. Bring all prescriptions with you in case you need a refill for any reason.

Electrical Appliances

The electrical current in Israel is 220 volts AC, single phase, 50 cycles. If you are taking electric shavers, hair blowers or irons, we advise that you bring a small converter kit (available in most hardware stores). For items such as laptops, iPods, cameras and cell phones, only a plug adapter is needed. While some hotels have a limited number of adapters for guests’ use, their availability cannot be guaranteed.


The shekel (NIS – New Israeli Shekel) is Israel's legal tender; you can change money at the airport or local banks. Credit cards are widely accepted. Your bank ATM card is also accepted at many Israeli bank ATMs. You do not need to change a lot of money into shekels.

Cell Phone Rentals

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation is pleased to offer special cellular phone arrangements, through our exclusive agreement with IsraelPhones. This includes:

• FREE incoming calls and incoming text messages from anywhere in the world.

• FREE rental for up to 14 days. Afterward, pay only $1 per day.

• Toll-free customer service: IsraelPhones provides you with toll-free local Customer Service numbers in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa and Israel.

• Repairs and replacements with door-to-door service. There is no need to visit a service center; they come to you!

Please note the following services at IsraelPhones that you can register for (on downloadable Order Form):

• Choose your own rates. Multiple rate plans enable you to receive a pool of IsraelPhones minutes to the US, Canada, Israel cell phones/landlines and text messages in Israel. Now you can call the US from Israel for less than 10 cents per minute.

• Local number offer: Friends and family can stay in touch with you by dialing a local North American phone number that rings directly on the Israeli cellular phone for only a one-time line-access fee of $10 and 14.9 cents per minute.

To order your phone, please complete the online form at, or complete the enclosed form and return it by fax to 1-866-308-0392 at least one week prior to your arrival in Israel.

For further information or assistance, call 1-966-8 ISRAEL.

To receive your assigned Israeli cellular number three business days in advance of your arrival in Israel, log on to, select "What’s My Number" and insert your confirmation number.

Please advise the Missions Department of your international number as soon as you receive it. Contact us at or 786.866.8436.

Travel Insurance

(Please read ALL OF THE FOLLOWING important information)

All mission participants are automatically covered by one or two travel insurance programs, depending on mission type/destination. However, we strongly suggest you click on the links below applicable to your mission type for a description of the range of coverage and limitations. Please also read the details that follow the links.

ACE and CLAL Programs
Israel/Israel plus another destination

ACE Program
Non-Israel-bound missions

Important Details

It is important that you review the insurance summaries provided on this website, so that you will be aware of activities that are covered, as well as those that are expressly excluded from insurance coverage.

Please also be aware that the coverage provided under our group travel accident insurance policies is in effect only during the formally scheduled duration of the mission.

The Jewish Federations of North America recommends that all mission participants review their own personal insurance coverage needs with their insurance advisors to determine if additional travel insurance is required providing for reimbursement for trip delay, missed connections, sickness and accident medical expenses, lost baggage, personal effects, baggage delay, etc.

The summaries of the Travel Insurance programs are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to be comprehensive explanations of the insurance policies, nor statements of contract. Certain important exclusions and limitations are included, but the summaries do not contain all policy terms, conditions, endorsements, exclusions or limitations. In all cases, the actual insurance policies supersede any statements made in the summaries.

Both policies — ACE and KELA — have been renewed.

A wallet I.D. card is now included alongside the ACE description of coverage and summary of benefits schedule.

Participant's insurance coverage is contingent upon receipt of an application with the following information:

___ A passport number valid for at least six months beyond the date of the mission's return to the U.S.
___ Participant’s name with exact match to what is printed on the passport.
___ The complete passport number, including any letters (if a non-U.S. passport)
___ The complete expiration date in the format (mm/dd/yy) as it appears on the passport
___ The state or country of issue
___ Participant's city/state/country of birth
___ Participant’s current country of citizenship

Additional Travel Insurance Resources

Airlines That Fly to Israel

Perhaps you’re planning to meet a Federation mission in Israel – or want to stay on after the rest of the group has gone home. To help with your arrangements, check out these airlines’ websites.

EL AL Airlines
Continental Airlines
Delta Air Lines
US Airways

Security on Missions

At the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, we're dedicated to giving you an Israel experience that is exciting, meaningful and memorable with an optimum degree of comfort and security. To that end, and in accordance with The Jewish Federations of North America, the following Security Procedures are in effect:

All missions are registered with "Minhelet Hatiyulim," the Touring Authority, which provides current online information about security matters and has a 24/7 situation room connected to all Israeli security and emergency services.

Itineraries are reviewed before each mission's arrival and operational security plans are tailored accordingly. The basis of the plan is the presence of a professionally trained security agent on each bus.

Missions may be redirected, if necessary, at any given moment according to information received from the authorities.

Buses are checked each morning before boarding and are rechecked throughout the day.

Rest assured. Your peace of mind is paramount in our minds. We want you to relax and enjoy your time in Israel, concerning yourself only with how much fun you're having and thinking about your next visit with us.

For more information, contact us at or 786.866.8436.

Weather in Israel

Cities:   Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Jerusalem C F 6-11 43-53 7-14 44-57 8-16 44-61 12-21 53-69 15-25 60-77 17-27 63-81 19-29 66-84 19-29 66-86 18-28 65-82 16-26 60-78 12-19 54-67 8-14 47-56
Tel Aviv Netanya Herzliya CF 9-18 49-65 9-19 48-66 10-20 51-69 12-22 54-72 17-25 63-77 19-28 67-83 21-30 70-86 22-30 72-86 20-31 69-89 15-28 59-83 12-25 54-76 9-19 47-66
Haifa C F 8-17 46-63 9-18 47-64 8-21 47-70 13-26 55-78 15-25 58-76 18-28 64-82 20-30 68-86 21-30 70-86 20-30 68-85 16-27 60-81 13-23 56-74 9-18 48-65
Tiberias C F 9-18 48-65 9-20 49-67 11-22 51-72 13-27 56-80 17-32 62-89 20-35 68-95 23-37 73-98 24-37 75-99 22-35 71-95 19-32 65-89 15-26 59-78 11-20 53-68
Eilat C F 10-21 49-70 11-23 51-73 13-26 56-79 17-31 63-87 21-35 69-95 24-37 75-99 25-40 77-103 26-40 79-104 24-36 75-98 20-33 69-92 16-28 61-83 11-23 51-74
Dead Sea C F 11-20 53-68 13-22 56-72 16-25 61-78 20-29 68-85 24-34 75-93 27-37 80-99 28-38 83-102 29-38 83-101 27-36 81-96 24-32 75-90 18-26 65-80 13-21 56-71


Restaurants in Israel

Explore restaurants in Israel by type:

View a List of Suggested Restaurants

Note: The Greater Miami Jewish Federation does not endorse any of these restaurants, and we are not responsible for any issues arising from a visit to these restaurants — including, but not limited to, changes in kashrut status, menu or location.

For more information, contact us at or 786.866.8436.

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