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JCS Wins 2022 NOVO Awards


Jewish Community Services of South Florida (JCS) wins The 2022 NOVO Awards – Innovative Program Excellence for an Organizational Budget of $2 Million and Above Category

MIAMI, Sept. 8, 2022 – Jewish Community Services of South Florida (JCS) is the winner of The 2022 NOVO Awards – Innovative Program Excellence, Organizational Budget of $2 Million and Above Category.

The NOVO Awards, hosted by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, honors nonprofits in Miami-Dade County that have demonstrated innovative excellence and feature best non-profit business practices. Awardees are selected by The NOVO Awards Task Force, and announced at Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s Trustee Luncheon on September 7, 2022.

“At JCS, "COMMUNITY" is our middle name, and we are privileged to have served our community for over 102 years," said JCS Board Chair, Scott Singer. "We continue to provide a single standard of high quality care to all members of our community who are in need of life-sustaining services. Our JCS team is grateful for the gracious recognition by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. Miami-Dade County is a beautifully diverse, energizing community, and we are proud to serve individuals and families throughout every corner of it. This award is not only a testament to our single, high-standard quality of care, but the community’s trust in our commitment to serve them. We look forward to the year ahead as NOVO Award recipients, and remain dedicated to serving as our community’s safety-net.”

“We are humbled and grateful to have been selected by our Chamber as a 2022 NOVO Award recipient,” said JCS President & CEO, Miriam Singer. “Over the last two years, JCS has worked tirelessly to meet our community’s needs throughout an array of crises and emergencies. We implemented innovative solutions to alleviate a broad variety of social and health challenges, our team has scaled to increase the quality and quantity of services for our frail and vulnerable residents, and we transformed our business and service models to meet clients where they are. Our work in service to our beloved community is made possible through strong and effective partnerships with small, local and national corporate sponsors, local state and federal government agencies, as well as grassroots community-based and faith-based partners representing the vibrant diversity of our community."

About the NOVO Awards: Awardees in the Innovative Program Excellence, Organizational Budget of Less than $2 Million category and Outstanding Board Leader category were also presented with NOVO Awards. All NOVO Awards recipients participated in a rigorous application and selection process by the NOVO Awards Task Force to be considered for recognition.


About Jewish Community Services of South Florida:

Since 1920, Jewish Community Services of South Florida, based on Jewish values, has remained true to the mission of providing a resilient safety-net of health and social services through a broad array of programs to promote health, productivity and self-sufficiency. By partnering with community partners, funders, hundreds of volunteers, sister organizations and local leaders, our team continuously strengthens its engagement and impact. Our professional team continues to offer a beacon of healing and hope as it addresses the many layered needs of residents in our diverse and vibrant community.

If you or someone you know needs help or support, please call 211, our 24/7/365 Information & Referral service. We are here for you. Learn more at


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