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Upon Thy Gates Exhibition Opening & Curator Talk

Please join the Jewish Museum of Florida - FIU on Sunday, May 21 at 2:00pm for the Exhibition Opening Reception and Curator Talk given by Kenneth Helphand, Philip H. Knight Professor of Landscape Architecture Emeritus University of Oregon.

Upon Thy Gates, The Elaine K. and Norman Winik Mezuzah Collection comes to JMOF-FIU from the Oregon Museum of the Jewish People and Center for Holocaust Education in Portland. Curated by Kenneth Helphand, the exhibition presents 73 mezuzahs collected by the Winiks that represent a wide range of styles, materials, and Jewish symbols. The mezuzahs were created in places all over the world, including Israel, the United States, Denmark, England, Ethiopia, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Iran, Italy, Morocco, Poland, and Yemen and date from the late 18th to the 21st century. The exhibition is sponsored at JMOF-FIU by John & Jo Sumberg and will be on display from May 10 thru August 6, 2023.

Buy tickets [here].(


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