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Diamond & Emerald Magical Celebration

Raquel Rub, President, NA'AMAT USA, S.FL. COUNCIL, has announced that a "DIAMOND and EMERALD MAGICAL CELEBRATION", honoring 9 distinguished members of OR and MAZAL Chapters will be held on Thursday, Jan. 21, 6 pm at the Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. The dinner will highlight NA'AMAT USA: 90 YEARS OF STANDING UP FOR THE WOMEN AND YOUTH OF ISRAEL.

A special guest from Israel, Masha Lubelsky has been invited to highlight the evening's festivities. Lubelsky serves as President of the NA'AMAT SCHOLARSHIP FUND, and is a past national president of NA'AMAT Israel. She has also served as a Member of the Knesset of Israel, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, advisor to the Minister of Internal Security on matters of Family Violence and was a mediator in Labor Court. She has also been a member of the Jewish Agency's committee since 2006.

The nine honorees are: Bertha Feldman, Adela Katz, Moty Landman, Esther Manopla, Fortuna Menda, Rebeca Minor, Yoly Nothman, Adela Petasne, and Rosita Rosenthal. Serving on the celebration committee are Rebeca Yohai, Matilde Behar, Or Chapter President, and Anabel Peicher, Mazal chapter. Dinner Reservations are $100 per person and can be made with the S. Fl. office at 305-576-6213, or Raquel Rub, 305-965-4779. These two groups represent the Latin American members of the organization here in Florida.

Proceeds will benefit the 90th Anniversary national project, a very special effort to raise funds to build a women's Health Center in the city of Sderot in the western Negev. Studies have found that air raid sirens and explosions have caused severe psychological trauma to the children who live there. Because of the volatile situation in Sderot, there is a serious shortage of doctors and regular health services. NA'AMAT will be renovating an existing building, and our hope is that the Israeli government will match the funds we raise--to make this dream a reality. NA'AMAT''s current Women's Health center in Karmiel will serve as a model for the new facility in Sderot.


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