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A casual and spiritual place to spend the high holidays...

If you feel uncomfortable, uninspired, or uninvited at synagogue... Come join us for a unique high holiday service...featuring: casual atmosphere constant directions (when to sit, when to stand, what page we're on) meaningful interpretations No pay to pray policy... No entrance fees! No Tickets! No Reservations! Just come and pray!

Dress code: Whatever makes you comfortable; dressy, chill, hip, funky, whatever... just try to keep it modest.

Chabad Lounge 18445 NE 19th Ave NMB FL 33179


BYOB (bring your own book) Purchase a Prayer Book: To keep the costs down so that we can offer these services free of charge we ask that you bring your own prayer book... you can order them online, or go to Aspaclaria Judaica or any of the local Judaica stores and ask for the Annotated Chabad Machzor. You will need one for each of the holidays of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

Kick Off Party @ Chabad Loft NMB

It's finally gonna open... A place for you to meet friends for coffee, or just hang out by yourself with an Ipad and your thoughts... A place to connect, to recharge, and to become a better person and a better Jew. No, its not another Starbucks ... though the coffee will be just as good... Starbucks does not offer Torah classes, or Kosher wine tastings, or opportunities to try new things or learn new skills.

No it is not a least in the classic sense... There are no dues, no uncomfortable moments when you first walk in, and no need to feel inept, or out of place... Though it is a place of prayer, and study, and good deeds... just very different from the one you rarely go to already.

Hope to see you at the Kickoff Party @ Chabad Loft NMB (18445 NE 19th AVE, 33179) Sept 1, 2011 Tailgating begins at 730 pm Featuring Elegant BBQ fare, great beer, and fine wine. Entrance: $36

The ceremonial "first ball" will be thrown @ 8:30 pm by Superbowl Champion Allan Veingrad who will motivate us with a discussion called "Overdrive At Over Time – Consistently Doing More Than What’s Expected"

Looking forward to seeing you @ Chabad Loft NMB very soon, And don't forget to do something to make the world great... Today!


So you know there are 613 Mitzvot... but do you know what they are?

Learn all 613 Mitzvot in one night (that's about 100 MPH!) in celebration of G-d giving us the mItzvot on Shavuot.

*Beginning at 11:30PM June 7th, ending at 5:30am the following morning @ At the "J"TV Academy (Jewish Thoughts and Values) * @ the new Skylake Chabad House 18445 NE 19th ave 33179 (next door to Sweet Tooth)

Come for half an hour, or the whole night .... I promise you will learn something new. Rafi Rosenberg