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JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Highlights July 19-25 on Atlantic Broadband CH 168, Hotwire CH 269, the Roku streaming player, and online at

Please join us on Wednesday July 22 at 5:30pm for our LIVE coverage of the "Stop Iran Now" rally from Times Square in NYC featuring James Woolsey, Alan Dershowitz, Frank Gaffney, Kasim Hafeez and many others committed to preventing Iran from gaining nuclear weapons. Organized by Americans For A Safe Israel.

L'Chayim: Letty Pogrebin

Letty Cottin Pogrebin, one of America's pioneering feminists (co-founding editor of Ms. Magazine) and author of ten books, including here latest - "Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate" - discusses her personal Jewish journey and shares her view of Jewish life today. Sunday at Noon & 7pm, Monday at 3pm

LIVE @ 5

From Jerusalem and in partnership with the English-language online radio network, "Voice Of Israel," JBS presents "Live@5," a panel discussion focusing on the sensitive issues facing Israel today. Moderated by Voice Of Israel CEO Glen Ladau. Sunday 5pm, Monday 1pm, Tuesday 10pm, Wednesday 10:30am, Friday 2pm

Iran Deal - An Israeli View

The diplomatic correspondent of The Times Of Israel, Raphael Ahren, explains why he agrees with those in Israel who disapprove of the Iran nuclear deal. JBS's "In The News" with Mark S. Golub. Mon 6:30pm, 11:30pm, Tue. 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

L'Chayim-Peru's Pres. Candidate

Julio Guzman, a candidate for President of Peru, discusses his political focus on civil rights and on the youth of Peru; and talks about his Jewish wife and their decision to bring their daughter up as Jew, as well as his commitment to Israel. L'Chayim. Monday 9pm, & Midnight, Tuesday 3pm

Keeping Faith In Rabbis

A panel discussion on training tomorrow's rabbis with Rabbi Joshua Davidson, Rabbi David Ellenson, Rabbi Joy Levitt, Dr. Erin Leib Smolker and Rabbi Hayim Herring. From New York's Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center in partnership with The Jewish Week. Monday 8pm, Tue. 1am, Wed, 2pm

JBS News Coverage

IBA News & JBS News Update - Mon-Thu 6pm, F-Sun 5pm (Encores: 11pm, 3am, 6am, 8am, Noon)

"In The News" & "Thinking Out Loud" - Mon-Thu 6:30pm (Encores: 11:30pm, 3:30am, 8:30am, 12:30pm)

Live Friday night Services 6 pm

For the entire schedule of programs and times on the JBS Channel for this week, use the "Guide" button on your remote control or go to the JBS Channel Schedule on our website

In addition, many JBS produced programs can be seen on after they have been shown on the JBS channel. Enter the name of the program followed by a space and then type JBS.


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