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JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Highlights Nov 26-Dec 2 on Atlantic Broadband CH 168, DIRECTV CH 388, Hotwire CH 269, the Roku streaming player, and at www.jbstv.or

ZOA Gala 2017

JBS presents a 2-hour special from the annual Zionist Organization of America Gala of 2017 featuring U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Alan Dershowitz, former Sen. Joe Lieberman, Mort Klein, Sen. Tom Cotton and Steve Bannon. ABC's Rita Cosby hosts the evening and the gala is followed by interviews with David Friedman, Ken Abramowitz, Rita Cosby and ZOA President Mort Klein. From the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC. Tuesday - 7pm & 1am;Thursday - 1pm;Saturday - 7pm & 1:30am

Mayhem In The Middle East

Chief Political Correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, Gil Hoffman, discusses the current international political climate as it affects the State of Israel. A program of the ADL from Temple Sholom in Greenwich, CT. Monday - 8pm & 1am;Wednesday - 2pm & 4am;Saturday - 8pm & 1:30am

L'Chayim; Francine Klagsbrun on Golda Meir

Author Francine Klagsbrun discusses her new biography, "Lioness: Golda Meir and the Nation of Israel," which addresses the different ways American Jews and Israelis view Israel's only woman prime minister who served during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight;Thursday - 3pm;Next Sunday - Noon & 6pm

On L’Chayim This Week………

Matan Peleg and Doug Altabef “Im Tirtzu” - fighting BDS in Israel Today at Noon and 6 pm; Mon 3pm

Donniel Hartman Israel & War Mon 9pm & Midnight;Tues 3 pm

Esther Wachsman An Israeli Mother’s Sacrifice Tue 9pm and Midnight; Wed 3 pm

Steve Israel Politics and Antisemitism Thurs 9pm and Midnight; Fri 3pm

Nancy Brinker Breast Cancer Heroine Sat 6pm


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