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JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Highlights Oct 15-21 on Atlantic Broadband CH 168, DIRECTV CH 388, Hotwire CH 269, the Roku streaming player, and at

92Y: Author David Grossman

Israeli author David Grossman discusses his novel A Horse Walks into a Bar and parts of the book are read aloud and performed. From the 92nd Street Y in New York with fellow author Nicole Krauss. Tonight (Sunday) - 7pm & 2am; Monday - 10pm & 4am;Wednesday - 10:30am Saturday - 3pm & 5am

"A Touch Away" – Episode 3

The award-winning 8-part Israeli television mini-series that follows a story of forbidden love between Rochele Berman (Gaya Traub), the daughter of a Hareidi family betrothed to a wealthy Yeshiva student, who finds herself strongly attracted to the charismatic and persistent Zorik Mints (Henry David), the son of a secular immigrant family from the former Soviet Union. Sunday - 8pm & 1am; Tuesday - 10:30am, 10pm & 4am; Thursday - 9am & 4:30pm, 8pm & 2am; Friday - 8pm & 1am; Saturday - 2pm

New Jewish Cinema: Wrestling Jerusalem

Writer Aaron Davidman discuss Wrestling Jerusalem, the film adaptation of his one-man stage performance in which he plays both Israelis and Palestinians seeking answers to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With Judy Gelman on JBS's "New Jewish Cinema." Monday - 8:30pm & 1am; Wednesday - 2:30pm; Saturday - 10:30pm & 1:30am

Rabbi & Imam (Sacks & Antepli)

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks and Imam Abdullah Antepli discuss "Civility & Difference" and the power of religion and inter-faith relations as a positive social force. With Prof. Ellen Davis at the Center for Jewish Studies, Duke University, NC. Tuesday - 8pm & 1am; Thursday - 2pm; Saturday - 8pm & 2am

What Is An American Jew?

Yehuda Kurtzer, Pres. of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America, discusses the complexities of American Jewish identity and offers a new approach to defining the "American Jew" that accounts for and celebrates the diversity of the Jewish Diaspora. From the Shalom Hartman Center in Jerusalem. Wednesday - 8pm & 2am; Friday - 2pm; Saturday 7pm

For Parashat Noah

Talmud (Dimensions of the Daf)

Rabbi Mordechai Becher discusses the Talmud's approach to whether tragedies are in the hands of Heaven or of Man. Tuesday - 9am & 4:30pm; Thursday - 7pm, & 4am

Jewish 101: The Story of Noah

Does God ever make a mistake? How does the Jewish Tradition understand the notion of God acting in history? Through Rabbinic interpretation (midrash) of the story of Noah (Genesis 6-11), these questions are addressed. With Rabbi Mark S. Golub. Wednesday - 9am & 7pm; Friday - 1pm

The following programs are on L’Chayim : Dani Dayan: Israel Consul General Sun: Noon & 6pm; Mon 3pm

Mordechai Kedar: The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Mon & Tue:9pm & 12am

Avi Weiss: Open Orthodoxy Wed 9pm & 12am; Thurs 3pm

Letty Pogrebin: A Feminist’s Jewish Journey Thur 9pm & 12am; Fri 3pm

Jake Ehrenreich: “A Jew Grows in Brooklyn” Sat 6pm

Have you ever wanted to learn to read Hebrew?

Watch the series "From the Aleph Bet" Mondays at 9:am & 4:30 pm; Sat 9:am


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