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JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Highlights Oct 1-7 on Atlantic Broadband CH 168, DIRECTV CH 388, Hotwire CH 269, the Roku streaming player, and at

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92Y: A Night of Jewish Humor

Jewish humorists and writers Jeffrey Toobin, Patricia Marx, Adam Gopnik and Calvin Trillin discuss Jewish humor with Michael Krasny, radio host and author of Let There Be Laughter.
From the 92nd Street Y in NYC a JBS exclusive television presentation. Tonight (Sunday) - 7pm;Monday - 10pm;Wednesday - 10:30am; Friday - 8pm & 1am; Saturday 3pm

Film: A Touch Away – Episode 1

The award-winning 8-part Israeli television mini-series that follows a story of forbidden love between Rochele Berman (Gaya Traub), the daughter of a Hareidi family betrothed to a wealthy Yeshiva student, who finds herself strongly attracted to the charismatic and persistent Zorik Mints (Henry David), the son of a secular immigrant family from the former Soviet Union. Tonight (Sunday) - 8pm;Tuesday - 10pm;Thursday - 2pm; Sat - 5pm & 1:30am

Heschel & King-Susannah Heschel

Susannah Heschel, Prof. of Jewish Studies at Dartmouth College and daughter of Abraham Joshua Heschel, discusses her father's relationship with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a philosophy of Jewish political action. From The Center for Jewish History, NYC. Monday - 8pm & 1am; Tuesday - 2pm; Friday - 9am

Antisemitism Conference: Deborah Lipstadt

Leading Holocaust historian and author, Deborah Lipstadt (Emory University), delivers the keynote address at a conference on "Local and Global Antisemitism" chaired by Steve Israel (former Congress and Chair of the Global Institute at Long Island University). With Dani Dayan (Israeli Consul General) and Evan Bernstein (ADL) At LIU Post. (2017) Tuesday - 7:30pm & 1am; Wednesday - 1:30pm

L'Chayim: Chabad Rabbi Eliezrie

Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, National Chabad Liaison to JFNA and author of The Secret of Chabad, describes what drew him to Chabad and his career as an emissary, and shares his perspective on Chabad philosophy regarding non-Orthodox Jews. With Mark S. Golub. Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight;Thursday - 3pm

Jewish Film Festival: “The Battle Over the Soul”

This week commemorates the 44th anniversary of the historic Yom Kippur War of 1973. In JBS's Jewish Film Festival, see the gripping documentary of an Israeli miracle, "The Battle Over The Soul," which tells the story of a handful of Israel soldiers who held off the entire Syrian Army in the opening day of the war - a victory which literally saved the northern portion of Israel. Tonight (Sunday) - 9pm & Midnight; Saturday - 9pm & Midnight

L'Chayim: Dan Almagor on the Battle of Tel Saki of the Six-Day War

And on Saturday's L'Chayim, meet the producer of the film, Dan Almagor, a heroic survivor of the Battle of Tel Saki on the Golan Heights. Dan describes how his tiny unit was able to hold off a division of 11,000 Syrians with 900 tanks and how a bond of love and friendship led to the rescue of the wounded survivor. Dan Almagor also is the founding head of a museum foundation at Tel Saki. Saturday - 7:30pm


Wednesday Night - 6pm, *10:30pm & *2am Thursday - 9:30am & *Noon

The star next to the times means it is a repeat telecast


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