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Shalom TV Channel Highlights and On Demand Programs Aug 18-24


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Legacy of Portuguese Jewry (Mon 7pm, Tue 2am, Wed 1pm)

Rabbi David Wolpe discusses "Antisemitism Today" (Tue 10pm & Wed 1am)

Elie Wiesel answers question at the NY Press Club (Thu 8pm, Fri 2am, Sat 3pm)

Malcolm Hoenlein & Yehuda Kurtzer discuss Jewish leadership today and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Gary Rosenblatt of The NY Jewish Week (Sat 8pm & Sun 1:30am)

For Mature Audiences - Jewish Film Festival - "Dear Dr. Waldman" (Sat 9pm & Midnight)


Daily English-language NEWS FROM ISRAEL & the Shalom TV Newsroom (6pm, 11pm, 3am, 8am, Noon)

Timely Interviews

Daily CHILDREN'S PROGRAMS (7am & 4pm)....and much, much more.

For the schedule of programs and times on the Shalom TV Channel use the "Guide" button on your remote control or go to the Shalom TV Channel Schedule on our website


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David Hartman Celebrated-Kurtzer/Walzer: Celebrating the life impact of the late Rabbi David Hartman. (Ends 9/14)

Israel Update: The U.N.'s position on an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear program, and Israel's navy capabilities.(Ends 8/31)

92nd Street Y- Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks: Science, religion, and the search for meaning. (Ends 9/14)

L'Chayim-9/11 Remembered: 1 World Trade Center survivor Ari Schonbrun & NYPD Detective Morty Dzikansky. (Ends 9/28)

Film-“Olive & Tree, The Druze”: Dr. Ruth Westheimer explores how Druze have survived. (Ends 9/28)

Talk Books-Michelle Haimoff: Author discusses her novel about college graduates finding themselves after 9/11. (Ends 9/14)

From Date To Mate, Ep. 4: Justin dates someone new, Daniel thinks "out of the box" to celebrate Passover. (Ends 9/14) From the Aleph-Bet 2: Learn how the name of God is written in the Torah. (Ends 9/14)

Story Time-Wheat Kernel: A wheat kernel sprouts and grows into a stalk, hoping to be used for a good deed. (Ends 8/31)

For Rosh Hashanah

From the Aleph-Bet 2-Rosh Hashanah Special: Learn Hebrew words with the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. (Ends 9/14)

Talmud Study-Shofar of Freedom: The commandment to hear the Shofar. (Ends 9/14) Mr. Bookstein's Store-A New Year! It's the world's birthday! Celebrate on this special Rosh Hashanah episode. (Ends 9/14)

Mr. Bookstein’s Store-Parent Companion: A New Year! On Rosh Hashanah, celebrating the Jewish New Year. (Ends 9/14)


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