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Israel: Educational Resources for a Challenging Time

Dear Miami Jewish Educational Leaders,

This year, school is opening in the context of a difficult situation for Israel and Jewish communities worldwide. The summer has been marked with tragedy and conflict as Israel fights to protect its citizens from terror. Presumably students will have been exposed to many discussions at home, on social media, and in the news, among other sources. As well, teachers will be returning to school with many questions, anxiety, and personal experiences regarding the situation.

As educational leaders we must acknowledge this challenging time and provide resources and support to our teachers and our students in order to navigate through this challenge and help each other understand and find meaning.

Below you will find links to online resources, videos, and information to help you design and lead conversations and provide resources to your students and families. We at CAJE-Miami are also available to come and facilitate workshops and conversations with your teachers in addressing the challenges and realities of this time.

As we continue to discover new resources, articles, and videos, we will update this resource and send it out. If there is anything you find and believe would be a beneficial resource, please forward these to Allison DiGiacomo at

Praying for peace and calm throughout Israel and the world,

Julie Lambert, Director of Professional Learning Initiatives & Congregational and Early Childhood Education Strategy

Valerie Mitrani, Director of Day School Strategy & Initiatives

Resources and Links

The iCenter for Israel Education

is continuously gathering relevant resources and authentic stories as well as providing useful frames for educators and learners. For additional resources Click Here

Three Questions to Ask During War and During Peacetime Too

Responding to rapidly unfolding events as educators requires tending both to our students and to ourselves. In this short essay, Rabbi Josh Feigelson, founder and director of Hillel's Ask Big Questions initiative, outlines three important questions to consider -- for our own minds and hearts, and for those of our students. Click Here

Seeing the Conflict in Israel Through the Lens of Facebook

For many of us outside of Israel during this conflict, we are connecting with people and stories through our Facebook feeds. Some powerful images have been shared - some of them widely circulated and others very personal - which give us a glimpse into life in Israel. Seeing these photos as educational tools, and using a set of questions that we have adapted from Zion Ozeri's Jewish Lens project, we can open up discussion. Click Here

Educators are Real People Too

In this piece by David Bryfman, he advocates for every educational leader (or leader of educators) to consider facilitating a conversation with your educators and staff about their relationship with Israel, and how the current escalated conflict is impacting them. Click Here

Talking to Your Children About the Situation

What one educator learned when talking to children about the recent conflict. Helpful tips for older children are included: Talking To Your Children About The Situation by Natalie Blitt Click Here

Makom Israel: The Four Hatikvah Questions

This link to Makom Israel provides resources that frame the conflict around The Four Hatikvah Questions which emerge from the four values extolled in the penultimate line of Israel's National Anthem: To Be | A Free | People | In Our Land. Click Here

Your Kids Are Ready to Talk About Israel. Are You?

By Sivan Zakai & Miriam Heller Stern Click Here

Middle East Conflict in a Nutshell

This 5 minute video by Dennis Prager explains the Middle East with infographics and easy to understand cartoon drawings. Click Here

Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education

4200 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33137 | | Phone: 305-576-4030


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