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Volunteers Needed For New Non Profit Museum

Becoming a volunteer at the Dezer Collection Museum and Event Venue is a fun, rewarding experience that comes with much responsibility.

You will have the opportunity to learn all about what the Dezer Collection Museum and Pavilion has to offer as you interact with our guests. You are the museum ambassadors and the people that will make the most impressions on our daily visitors. All Museum volunteers must be ages 16 on up.

Here are some of the requirements that we are seeking. Make sure our customers have a great visit. Interact with visitors of all ages, our main goal is that they enjoy their visit and come and see us again. Become knowledgeable about all aspects of our museum. If you are working in a particular section, for example; Euro Cars, it is necessary to make sure you know the answer to the question presented to you.

You will become knowledgeable of every car in your area. Greet, orient and assist school and groups. Because our volunteers are so knowledgeable in their particular area of the museum, you may be asked to guide the school tours around the area they have come to see and inform them, for example, about the history of the vehicle, how many were made and so forth. Make sure that children behave themselves, especially around all of our collectibles, our arcade area and museum restaurant. Enrich the museum experience by answering questions about North Miami Beach area; provide directions and other general information to entertainment and restaurant areas close by; pass out museum maps to customers and direct or bring them to a particular area if needed. If you are retired teachers, automotive or motorcycle connoisseurs, your expertise will be extremely appreciated. You will be asked to provide assistance during events and would like you to be available on weekends. Special training is required and you must commit to a minimum of three months and 5 hours per week. Volunteer Training will be held every two months on Saturdays from 10am – 2pm. Many volunteers may be on their feet up to an hour at a time. Volunteers commit to a maximum of 4 hours per day unless otherwise discussed with the Director of Education and Group Sales. All Volunteer hours will be documented.

Volunteers with training in Administrative work, please mention on application as you may be asked to assist in mass mailings and other office duties.

To Apply: Please visit our website at and fill out the volunteer apllication listed under the volunteer sub column.

I look forward to meeting many of you and please let me thank you in advance for you time.

Best Regards,

Bernadette Schraff


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