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"Remember When…", An Artistic Tale on the Wandering Seph

Temple Moses in partnership with Immersive Art Miami is proud to present “Remember When…”, An Artistic Tale on the Wandering Sephardi. This art show highlights the Judeo-Spanish journey through five centuries of Diaspora.

“Remember When…” will feature the latest art collections of Master Artist and published author Jônatas Chimen. The exhibit will be composed of his latest multi-sensory installation titled In Thy Tent I Dwell, recently featured at the Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami, alongside The Diaspora Creature, a collection showcased at Miami Art Week in 2015, The Journey Series, which awarded Jônatas Chimen the 2015 Artist of the Year title by the Anti-Defamation League, and the unveiling of his never-before-seen series White Washing the Proverbial Wall.

The art installation, In Thy Tent I Dwell, reveals a 500-year history of migration and forced religious conversions of the artist’s family. Foregoing a linear narrative and the certainty often ascribed to photographs and official documents, artist Jônatas Chimen has instead produced a multi-sensory experience of “nostalgia.” He partially accomplishes this through photo transfers of family photographs, birth certificates, and immigration documents onto the outside of a tent-like structure. Critics immediately recognize the installation’s close parallel to a very current issue; the psychological effects of the modern international immigrant crisis of the Middle-east, Europe, and the United States.

The Journey Series is a visual narrative that reveals an introspective chronicle of Chimen's first-hand experience of coming into the light of freedom after his family endured centuries of secretly sustaining a crypto-Judaic heritage. The tale depicted by the artist through this historic collection is fascinating, as it can be universally experienced and appreciated as a personal account about protecting and embracing Identity. The Journey Series was exhibited at the Jewish Museum of Florida in 2016.

The Diaspora Creature collection can be considered the raw version of The Journey Series. In this compilation, Jônatas Chimen creates a memoir-style chronicle of the crypto-Jewish legacy of compulsive migration, persecution, and adaptation. The artist combines his own family's archives, memories, legends, and genealogical records into one piece, with no clear timeline or delineation between fact, imagination, fears, dreams, angst, and the desire for redemption.

The event will include a live performance by Jônatas Chimen, and a cocktail reception. A large part of the art sale proceeds (all tax-deductible) will benefit the Temple Moses community.

For registration and further information, PLEASE VISIT:


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