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Limmud Miami "Pop Up"

Sunday, October 28, 2018 3:00-6:00 PM (Check-In at 2:30 PM)

Temple Menorah – Olemberg Hall 7435 Carlyle Ave, Miami Beach, FL

Get a Taste of Limmud-The Hebrew for “learning.” A fresh, innovative Jewish Learning Festival.

An experience that expands the Jewish horizon as part of a worldwide movement from London to Los Angeles, from Boston to Buenos Aires, from Istanbul to Jerusalem to China to India… and now here! Open to everyone no matter your level of Jewish knowledge or your connection with Jewish life and culture. Low-cost, accessible, non-hierarchical, and totally volunteer-run and participant driven—we are all “volunticipants” Different—featuring presenters on topics you may not know about, but wish you did…

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Do Jews Believe in Reincarnation? Leah Richman

In this session, we will study some wild and wondrous Jewish texts from rabbinic and mystical literature. Learn about basic stories and texts that support the idea that reincarnation is a fundamental belief in Judaism and hear opinions of other sages who believe that reincarnation is not a fundamental part of Jewish belief and/or shouldn’t be studied at all. Prepare to be surprised and entertained by fascinating texts you may have never encountered before. Leah is a Rabbi and Director of Adult Learning at CAJE-Miami.

Star Trek: The Inner Light (and Jewish Memory): Eliot Pearlson

What does Star Trek have to do with Judaism? Venture into a vast Universe of questions and Answers. Eliot is Rabbi of Temple Menorah, Miami Beach and a Community Leader.

Munich Olympics Massacre: A Promise 40 years in the Making: Zaq Harrison In August 1972 Zaq Harrison was an 8 year old boy who's hero was Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz. By the time the games had ended he made a promise that took 40 years to keep. This amazing journey from Appalachia to Israel is shared in the short story "They're all gone" he wrote for the HBO documentary "Sport in America: Our defining stories" and later the basis for the educational program Olympic Choices (

Zaq is an experienced Jewish communal professional and currently the Regional Director for American Friends of Tel Aviv University

"Planting the seeds of a New Year 5779"( lecture and meditation): Sandra Ratner

For every instant in your life, there is an initial Beginning, a point of pure potentiality that expands and shapes into a seed to be planted. The teachings of the Jewish Mystics present to us a metaphoric view of the Biblical narrative of BERESHIT in context of the nature of man and our true potential to generate our own perception of reality.

Sandra is a certified Kabbalah Coach and Healer and a Spiritual Intelligence Coach.

Middot Based Decision Making: Jason Wasser

This session will focus on how to create core Jewish values for a simplistic and more empowered life.

Jason is a marriage and family therapist and an experienced Jewish educator.

Israeli -American in Florida: Hidden Treasure: Nir Lerman

The many faces of Florida’s Israeli community: what were the changes to Israeli immigration to Florida and how have they affected the needs of the community and development of local leadership?

Nir is the Regional Director of the Israel American Committee (IAC)

Love No Matter What-Improving the Parent Child Relationship: Adina Stilerman

The 21st century family faces challenges that trigger a strained parent-child relationship. A refreshing blend of modern psychology and ancient Jewish texts makes this class life changing for both parents and adult children who want to improve their relationships.

Adina Stilerman is the co-founder of Yehudi, an organization devoted to teaching the minds and touching the hearts of Jewish college students and young professionals across the state of Florida.

"Shira B'Tzibur" – Sing Along: Yaakov “Jimmy” Costello

Join Jimmy, the Musical Maggid for an old school classic Hebrew and Jewish Communal Sing A-Long.

Yaakov Yisrael Jimmy Costello is a passionate singer, storyteller and educator.

Torah Yoga: Havi Kunis

Lift your spirits, raise your health and spiritual level with a Torah Yoga Session.

Havi Kunis is an educator and certified yoga instructor.

See you at Limmud Miami “Pop Up” Don’t forget to register: click here


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