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Temple Sinai Greets The New Year With A New Cantor

The clergy and congregants of Temple Sinai in North Miami Beach proudly welcome Norman Cohen-Falah as the new cantor. Cantor Norman, as he will be called by the congregation, was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cantor Norman is the son of an Ashkenazi (Eastern European) mother and a Sephardic (Mediterranean) father. Both these traditions bore a strong influence on his upbringing, inspiring him to pursue a lifelong celebration of the two cultures. In his early twenties, Norman ‘heard the call’ and decided to begin his cantorial studies at the Latin-American Rabbinical Seminary, taking also private lessons with renowned Chazan (cantor) Oscar Fleischer.

After serving in numerous synagogues in Argentina for eight years, in 2003, Norman moved to the Netherlands as full-time cantor at the Liberaal Joodse Gemeente (Liberal Jewish Community) in Amsterdam. During his two-year stay, he organized the first children’s song festival to have taken place in the 60 years since the establishment of the community. In 2005, Norman was appointed full-time Cantor at Belsize Square Synagogue, London with special responsibilities for training B’nei Mitzvah.

Now Cantor Cohen-Falah’s journey has brought him, along with his wife, Florencia to Temple Sinai. A versatile, soulful and energetic performer, Cantor Norman sings in seven languages, in a variety of styles and for all ages. He is also very well known for his leyning or Torah reading skills. He is capable of chanting the Torah and the Haftorah in three different nusachot (musical traditions): Eastern European, Western European and Sepharad-Yerushalmi. His Ashkenazi and Sephardic background and training allow him to create a unique spiritual experience in the synagogue, as well as at weddings and other special events. Cantor Norman is also a full member of Cantorlat (the Latin-American Cantors Organization) and an international member of the American Cantors Assembly.

Senior Rabbi Alan E. Litwak remarked, “Cantor Norman, with his beautiful voice, proven record with young people, and ability to bridge many parts of our community, will be an asset to the Temple Sinai clergy team.” When asked about his own beginning at Temple Sinai, the cantor stated that he anxiously looked forward to getting to know the congregation and to singing in his first Shabbat service. Cantor Cohen-Falah will officially begin his tenure at Temple Sinai, presiding over his first service on Friday night service on January 6th at 6:15 PM. Temple Sinai is located at 18801 NE 22 Avenue in North Miami Beach. 305-932-9010


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