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Home Based Singing Device For you and your Family - Persang Aspire NR

Persang aspire NR is an awesome product designed for Music lovers. Now, you can able to sing your favorite song on your own voice with the song’s karaoke using Persang Aspire NR. People can enhance their singing ability by live scoring with Persang Aspire NR. You can create your own identity using this astonishing invent. Now you can sing your favorite songs by staying in your home at your comfort zone without travelling anywhere. Add fun and excitement at your home parties using Persang Aspire NR. So Why not to have a best Music device at your home?

The Best Singing Device at your own place

Persang Aspire NR is one of the best singing systems which can be used in your home along with your family. Now you can sing in your own voice like a star with these exemplary features of Persang Aspire NR.

(i) Dynamic Real time scoring function
(ii) Viewing of both images and videos
(iii) Pitch control to become a perfect singer
(iv) Increase / Decrease Volume of music & Mic
(v) Scale Control to suite your voice
(iii) Echo control
(vi) Connection of extra wired Mic
(vii) Total songs 6858. There are,

(I) English (2700)
(II) Hindi (2000)
(III) Tamil (400)
(IV) Telugu (159)
(V) Marathi (261)
(VI) Gujarati (256)
(VII) Punjabi (171)
(VIII) Malayalam (307)
(IX) Konkani (99)
(X) Kannada (213)
(XI) Bengali (153)
(XII) Nepali (50)
(XIII Bhojpuri (89)

(a) Turn On / Off switch of melody to learn new songs
(b) Songs are digitally configured.
(c) Colour change for male / female singer.

How Persang Aspire NR Device Works?

Persang Aspire NR device can be used with ease. Spending money in developing your singing skills is unnecessary with Persang Aspire. Using Persang Aspire you can shine in Music field by developing your sound at your home itself.

Connect RCA Cable with your TV or Computer. Set your Television to External Video mode. Now play and enjoy singing with too many songs available at Persang aspire. In persang aspire you can able to reserve your favourite songs up to 150 songs. You can also select songs based on their Alphabet, Numbers etc...

Some Main Specifications of Persang Aspire
(A) SD Card of 16 GB
(B) Expandable Memory up to 32 GB
(C) AV Channel: Video Channel
(D) Net weight: 0.77 Kg
(E) Resolution: 720*480 (NTSC)
(F) Image colour: Indice 256 colour


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