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360 Degree Feedback: The Option for Effective Feedback

In any company there is chain of people where different employees work on different level. An individual is held responsible for his role but a section head is liable for the whole section and the same way the top management is liable for everything whatever happens in the company. Hence to know the ground reality and keep a check on unwanted activities it is necessary for the company to have  360 degree feedback. This system can help the individual to develop his strong points and avoid the weaknesses while for management it can help to lay down the policy and take prompt action in some cases. There are lots of avenues where this can be of immense support. Everyone loves to get rewarded for his efforts and earn name and fame. With better performance one wants to have better monetary rewards and if one does not get the same he needs to know the reason. In some cases if one is not able to check the same he can speak to the HR and find the cause. To facilitate the process there are also various measures offered by the experts in the field of HR and one of the options is this strong system. 

What the system is about? 

In general people take it as a measure and system where they can know the realities of particular incident or secrets of some departments. Well, it is half-truth only as this system has much larger context than what it is taken by the people. At the end of certain period one needs to evaluate his performance. However, usually an individual is not able to do so or he does not have the capabilities for this task and there the system of feedback comes into the picture. This system holds great relevance for the department of HR as the concerned person can know the situation and find the root cause of particular trouble. It may be low performance of people, less production than expected and given as target as well as higher cost of a department. The ground realities may be known by the people of the concerned department only and from there only one can know the facts else the whole exercise does not get desired result. The aim of the system may vary from time to time but ultimately it can be about any of the above issues only that are mentioned. The situation of a particular incident may hold different values from the angle of different viewers and in that case the system of 360 degree feedback can make one know the facts. Hence this system can help one get complete command on a particular situation in almost no time and once the facts are known the management can take corrective measures only. This system of feedback also has various types such as pear to pear and superior to subordinate. There can be system of department to department as well. 

How to get the feedback which offers desired effects?

Well, it depends on the skills of HR and other department heads to find the facts with the help of this system. For any department, section or even the company it is much necessary to get the true feedback of a particular situation. In many cases the management knows that there is some problem in some department but to address the same they need concrete information which is provided by such feedback. It is a system where every employee can share his voice to various authorities. He can share everything but management cannot identify him unless and until he wants to disclose his identity. The feedback is provided in different system and every organization has own system for the same. This system helps one to get complete feedback from various departments and can be shared with different people who belong to those departments. Hence they can know what the area of improvement is and create an environment that can lead to desired changes. There are many things which are known by the ground people or front raw people which must be known by the top management or decision makers also. However, the lower staff may not find any right option with the help of which the management can be informed about the same. This lack can be removed with the help of the system of 360 degree feedback where one can show his abilities without any fear. At the same time the top management or section heads can also share their views with juniors or subordinates who can help them know what management expects and where they need to improve. However this system of feedback is known as an open system where there are many risks also involved. 

Why is it necessary? 

The feedback is the right way to improve and make one aware of his skills or caliber which might not be yet used to the fullest. Everyone is full of potentials but due to lack of information or knowledge people do not pay much attention to it which let them left behind. With the help of this system they can know what they can do or how to achieve a specific goal with the help of which they can reach to the next level of their career. Those who are with less experienced are guided by the experienced and experts in the field which can help them learn new skills and have a different vision towards an activity or even life. Hence feedback can prove as a game changer for many. It can lead to self awareness and improvement which can prove much helpful in reaching to individual as well as collective goals in any organization. Those who can use this  technique rightly can achieve new heights in business as well as routine life. For the companies it is not merely a tool that leads to improvement in business but also a weapon with the help of which a sharp control can be easily maintained on different aspects of the business and operation. 

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Names Dr. Lazar Finker Citizen of the Year

Dr. Lazar Finker, executive director of the Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation, a family-run charitable organization dedicated to creating a generational legacy of giving, was honored today by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office with the award of ‘Citizen of the Year.’

Hosted by Sheriff Mike Williams, the 2020 Annual Meritorious Awards Ceremony honored Sheriff’s Office employees from the following six categories: Police Officer of the Year; Corrections Officer of the Year; Civilian Employee of the Year; Reserve Officer of the Year; Police Supervisor of the Year; and Corrections Supervisor of the Year, as well as Dr. Finker, who was recognized for his exceptional work on behalf of law enforcement in the community. Honorees were selected based on previous recognition and continued contributions by the Merit Board, which is made up of the agency’s Chiefs.

“Dr. Finker is someone that we are all fortunate to have as a member of our community,” said Sheriff Williams. “There are no limits to the support that Dr. Finker and his family provide the men and women in the Law Enforcement profession, and I am honored to name him as JSO’s 2020 Citizen of the Year!”

Supporting local law enforcement has been a key commitment for The Finker-Frenkel Family Foundation since Dr. Finker and his wife, Dr. Raissa Frenkel, founded the organization in 2013.

In 2018, Dr. Finker’s work on behalf of the foundation funded a memorial wall and statue to honor the memory of the 61 Jacksonville police officers who have been killed in the line of duty over the city’s 178-year history. The foundation also partners with organizations like Project Cold Case, which works to bring new light and attention to unsolved murders, and First Coast Crime Stoppers, which enables the First Coast community to fight against crime, and has helped the Bal Harbour police department connect with the community by giving a holiday gift to every single child at Phillis Wheatley Elementary School in Miami.

“This award is not just for me, for my family or for my foundation,” said Dr. Finker at the award ceremony. “This award is for all the great citizens of this city and this country, which I am dedicated to giving back to and spending my life building for my children and my grandchildren. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you all.”

In addition to the foundation’s work on behalf of law enforcement, the organization is a proud sponsor of the University of Miami, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Make-A-Wish, His House Children’s Home, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, the Mayo Clinic, and many other Florida-based organizations.

A Night with David Makovsky on Israel's Leaders

Modern Israel’s founding fathers provided some of the boldest and most principled leadership of any nation— now Israel needs their example more than ever. At a time when the political destiny of Israel is more uncertain than at any moment since its modern founding, “Be Strong and of Good Courage” celebrates the defining generation of leaders who took the task of safeguarding the country’s future.

David Makovsky is the Ziegler distinguished fellow at The Washington Institute, and director of the Project on Arab-Israel Relations. He is an adjunct professor of Middle East studies at the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies since 2000, and was a senior advisor on Israel-Palestinian affairs in the Office of the Secretary of State during the Obama Administration. This is his third book.

Hear David Makovsky at the Miami Beach JCC, 4221 Pine Tree Drive on Monday, February 24 at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available at

Scheck Hillel Nominated: 2020 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

North Miami Beach, Florida – Scheck Hillel Community School has been selected as 1 of 50 U.S. private schools nominated to receive education’s highest honor: the U.S. Department of Education's 2020 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence title. This nomination was announced in January 2020, by the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) review panel.

Every year, the U.S. Department of Education seeks out and celebrates great American schools, schools demonstrating that all students can achieve to high levels. The National Blue Ribbon Schools award affirms the hard work of students, educators, families, and communities in creating safe and welcoming schools where students master challenging content. National Blue Ribbon Schools are an inspiration and a model for schools achieving excellence. Awards will be announced in Fall 2020. Scheck Hillel is a 2011 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.

About Scheck Hillel Community School
Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students 18 months-Grade 12 to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values through an individualized college preparatory curriculum highlighted by Design/STEM, Capstone, college dual enrollment, arts, athletics and community service. Its 14-acres include a 115,000-sq.-ft athletic complex with academic expansion plans. Set within a nurturing, diverse community, Scheck Hillel is one of the world's largest Jewish community day schools and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. For more information about Scheck Hillel Community School or to arrange a visit to the school, please contact our Admissions office at 305.931.2831x173 or write to

Wine Tasting & Testing

Learn how to taste wine like a pro with Wine Connoisseur & Kosher Expert, Ricardo Kasinsky. Taste an amazing selection of world class wines, paired with delicious gourmet Passover canapés! Order Wine for Purim & Passover at wholesale prices! Art, Handmade Shmura Matzah & Seder Tickets at cost price! No charge. A donation of any amount helps cover cost.

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More information at (305) 770-1919 or

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JBS Film Premiere! The Story of Eddie Vitch

A daughter tells the controversial choices that her father, Eddie Vitch, a talented caricature and mime artist from Poland, made in order to survive the Holocaust. Sunday - 9pm & Midnight; Friday - 9pm

Tribute-Cantor Naftali Hershtik

A musical tribute to one of the 20th Century’s great cantors, Naftali Hershtik, featuring many outstanding cantors of today and a closing duet sung by Naftali and his cantor son, Netanel. From the Hampton Synagogue in Westhampton Beach, New York.
Monday – 7:30pm & 1am; Wednesday - 1:30pm; Saturday – 10:30pm & 2:30am

ADL: Anti-Israel/Antisemitism

A discussion of “Anti-Israel vs Antisemitism” with Brian Cohen (Columbia/Barnard Hillel), Susan Heller Pinto (ADL) and Yair Rosenberg (Tablet). With Shaya Lerner (ADL) from the 2019 ADL Summit “Never Is Now” at the Javits Center in NYC.
Tuesday - 8pm & 1am; Thursday - 2pm; Saturday - 8pm

For President’s Day:

Washington's Letter To The Jews

A discussion of President George Washington's 1790 iconic letter to the Jewish community of Newport, Rhode Island with Rabbi Meir Solovietchik, Dr. Jonathan Sarna, and Dr. Louise Mirrer. Sponsored by Congregation Shearith Israel in NYC. Sunday - 1pm

U.S. Presidents & Israel

Professor Jerome Chanes of CUNY discusses how the American Presidential administrations of the 20th Century each interacted with the state of Israel. JBS exclusive coverage of Limmud NY 2016.
Sunday - 7pm; Monday - 2pm

92nd Street Y: Levy & Shama on America

Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of the West’s leading intellectuals, discusses the changing role of America on the global political scene with historian Simon Schama, author of The Empire & the Five Kings: America's Abdication and the Fate of the World. Today (Sunday) – 8pm & 2am; Monday - 10pm & 4am; Wednesday - 10:30am; Friday – 8:30pm & 1am; Saturday - 3pm

Music Industry vs BDS

Former Chairman & CEO of Universal Music Publishing, David Renzer, explains how he formed “Creative Community for Peace” to build bridges with Palestinians, to support artistic freedom and to counter the cultural boycott of Israel.
Sunday – Noon & 6pm

Abraham Lincoln

Yossi Prager, Avi Chai Foundation Executive Director for North America, reviews the enduring legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, and discusses the Jewish Tradition's notion of God's role in human events.
Monday - 3pm

JFK and Israel

Professor Jerome Chanes of the Center for Jewish Studies at CUNY's Gradate Center discusses the positive impact President Kennedy had on U.S.-Israeli relations.
Monday - 9pm & Midnight; Tuesday - 3pm

Fighting BDS In Israel

The CEO of “Im Tirtzu,” Matan Peleg, and Board Chair Douglas Altabef, discuss their organization’s work as the leading Israeli organization seeking to educate Israelis influenced by the BDS Movement to doubt the legitimacy of Israel. Tuesday - 9pm & Midnight; Wednesday - 3pm

Scott Shay on Faith

Scott Shay, author of “In Good Faith – Questioning Religion and Atheism,” explains how his book encourages atheists to consider intelligent and powerful reasons to doubt their certainty and to be open to the reality of God. L’Chayim with Mark S. Golub. Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight; Thursday - 3pm

WWII Hero's Medals

Playwright and author Eric Hausman-Houston ("The Lost Artist") describes how his father escaped Nazi Germany, went to Palestine and became the highest decorated WWII Palestinian soldier in the British Army; and Eric describes his efforts to retrieve his father's stolen medals. With Mark S. Golub.
Thursday: 9pm

Kosher Movies

Film critic and author Rabbi Herbert Cohen, who co-hosts a “Siskel and Ebert” type of film review show from Israel called "Kosher Movies," discusses his favorite films and their connections to values of the Jewish Tradition. L'Chayim with Mark S. Golub.
Saturday - 6pm

In The News: Olmert & Abbas

Haviv Rettig Gur, Political Analyst for The Times Of Israel, discusses Israeli reaction to the Trump Administration Peace Plan and to Ehud Olmert’s joining in a press conference with PA President Mahmoud Abbas criticizing the plan. With Mark S. Golub. Sunday - 11:30pm; Monday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

From the Aleph-Bet: Lesson 17**

New vowel sounds and rules of the Sh'vah. Monday - 9am & 4:30pm; Wednesday - 7pm; Saturday - 11am


Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami Two events with Daniel Horowitz, Genealogist Expert with MyHeritage February 23, 2020 11:00 AM GREATER MIAMI JEWISH FEDERATION 4200 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137 Topic: Advance MyHeritage Features JGSGM Members Free. Guests $5.00

February 23, 2020 2:30 PM NORTHEAST DADE AVENTURA LIBRARY BRANCH 2930 NE 199th Street, Aventura, FL 33180 Topic: Integrating DNA and Family History Research at MyHeritage FREE. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Paulette Bronstein President Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Miami

LGBTQ Purim costume Party

Save the date: March 11, 2020, 8:30 pm.

Purim costume Party at the MAR-JCC in North Miami Beach.


Great music, traditional food & drinks.

18900 NE 25th Ave North Miami Beach 33180


Mary Poppins, Jr. Scheck Hillel Community School’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program presents “Mary Poppins, Jr.” The student cast and crew are introducing everyone's favorite magical nanny to a new generation on the theatre stage!

Musical Theatre Production of “Mary Poppins, Jr.” directed by Anthony Campisi with musical direction by Laura Bass and Angelica Losada and choreography by Ashlee Brown
Scheck Hillel Community School’s Jordan Alexander Ressler Arts Program

Sunday, March 29, 2020 @ 11:00 AM
Monday, March 30, 2020 @ 7 PM
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 @ 7 PM

Scheck Hillel Community School (19000 NE 25th Avenue, North Miami Beach, FL 33180)

Purchase tickets at
($13/ticket online or $15/ticket at the door)

About Scheck Hillel Community School
Scheck Hillel Community School educates and inspires students 18 months-Grade 12 to become exemplary global citizens with enduring Jewish identity and values through an individualized college preparatory curriculum highlighted by Design/STEM, Capstone, college dual enrollment, arts, athletics and community service. Its 14-acres include a 115,000-sq.-ft athletic complex with academic expansion plans. Set within a nurturing, diverse community, Scheck Hillel is one of the world's largest Jewish community day schools and a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. For more information about Scheck Hillel Community School or to arrange a visit to the school, please contact our Admissions office at 305.931.2831x173 or write to

Temple Judea Names Sharon Israel Moskovitz as Executive Director

Temple Judea, one of Miami’s largest Reform synagogues, has named Sharon Israel Moskovitz as its Executive Director.

“Sharon has uniquely contributed to Temple Judea’s advancement since she joined us in 2007. In addition to important qualities such as trustworthiness and integrity, she has a strong understanding of how Jewish communal organizations function,” said Rabbi Judith Siegal of Temple Judea. “Sharon is extremely dedicated and passionate and has the necessary business acumen, operations, management, financial and fund raising expertise to lead Temple Judea into the next decade.”

Over the last 14 years, Sharon has held numerous positions at Temple Judea, most recently as Director of Engagement & Outreach. Her expertise includes community outreach, volunteer management, public speaking and fund raising. Sharon has invaluable campus-wide knowledge along with an understanding about Temple Judea as a congregation. She previously served as Temple Judea’s Youth Director and Program Coordinator. Sharon holds a Liberal Arts & Science degree from the University of Central Florida. She lives in Miami with her husband Jeffrey and their three children.

Sharon is also active in several charitable organizations such as the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, JAFCO (Jewish Adoption & Foster Care Options) and Jewish Community Services.

Now celebrating 72 years of Jewish Learning and Living in Coral Gables, Temple Judea is one of the largest Reform synagogues in Miami with approximately 650 member families. Temple Judea's mission is to enrich member’s ever-more complicated lives with the new insights of ancient Jewish heritage. For more information, visit

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