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JBS Highlights 2/25 - 3/2: YU Basketball Championships, Deborah Lipstadt Live, Black History Month, Families of Hostages

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Yeshiva University Basketball Championship

Tune in as the nation’s flagship Jewish University, Yeshiva, takes on Farmingdale State in the Skyline Conference Men's Basketball Championships Sunday - 12:50pm

Fighting Antisemitism-The ISGAP Hour

ISGAP leaders Charles Small and David Harris speak with professors Sunni Ali (Northeastern Illinois University), Ansel Brown (North Carolina Central University), and Hannibal Hamdallahi (Fisk University) about countering racism and antisemitism today. Sunday - 7:00pm Monday - 12:00am, 4:00am, 7:00am & 1:00pm Tuesday - 5:00am Thursday - 4:00pm Saturday - 10:00pm

Eye On Israel

Israeli author and journalist Ben-Dror Yemini joins Shahar Azani to discuss combatting the industry of lies against Israel, and how recent escalations in antisemitism and anti-Israel protests differ from past instances.
Monday - 7:00pm & 10:00pm Tuesday - 2:00am, 7:00am & 10:00am Wednesday - 5:00am Thursday - 2:00pm Friday - 1:00pm

Deborah Lipstadt - Live from Central Synagogue

In a live program from Central Synagogue in New York City, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Holocaust and modern antisemitism, Ambassador Deborah Lipstadt joins Central’s Rabbi Angela Buchdahl to discuss the rise in hatred against Jews following October 7 and what we can do to advocate for stronger action against antisemitism. Tuesday - 7:30pm (LIVE) Wednesday - 1:30am, 4:00am, 7:00am, 11:00am & 5:00pm Thursday - 5:00am Saturday - 9:00pm

Defending Israel with David Harris

Holocaust survivor Toby Levy shares her powerful personal story against the backdrop of October 7 and its aftermath. Wednesday - 7:00pm & 10:00pm Thursday - 2:00am, 11:30am & 5:30pm Friday - 4:00am, 7:30am, 10:30am & 4:30pm Saturday - 5:00pm

Jewish Insights with Justin Pines

Purim Insights Part 1: Diaspora or Exile?

In the first in a series of conversations on Purim, Justin Pines is joined by Erica Brown, author of Esther: Power, Fate and Fragility in Exile, and the Vice Provost for Values and Leadership at Yeshiva University, to discuss themes of Purim as they relate to our world today. Wednesday - 8:00pm Thursday - 1:00am, 4:00am, 7:00am & 10:00am Friday - 5:00am, 2:00pm, & 8:30pm Saturday - 8:30am & 4:00pm

Thinking Out Loud

Micah looks at the theocracy of Iran and explains the significance of Iran's elections, especially regarding Israel and the Middle East. Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 4:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 5:30am & 5:30pm

FIDF Live: Fallen Lone Soldier

FIDF CEO Steve Weil welcomes David Lubin, bereaved father of fallen lone soldier Staff Sgt. Rose Lubin, to share the story of his daughter’s life, legacy, sacrifice and love for Israel. Thursday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Friday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

Families of Hostages

Families that have been on an endless campaign to advocate for their missing relatives share heart-wrenching testimonies in a program hosted by the MirYam Institute’s Benjamin Anthony. Thursday - 7:30pm Friday - 1:30am & 9:00am Saturday - 3:30am

NEWS & ANALYSIS Weeknights at 6:00 and 6:30pm

ILTV & Daily News Update

ILTV reports from Israel followed by JBS Daily News with Teisha Bader Weeknights at 6:00pm

Good Week Israel

Positive stories from Israel that display heroism, unity and support Mondays at 6:30pm


ILTV reports and interviews Tuesdays at 6:30pm

On L’Chayim Classic conversations with Mark S. Golub z”I

David Goodman

David Goodman, younger brother of Andrew Goodman – murdered together with Michael Schwerner and James Chaney by the Klu Klux Klan in Mississippi in 1964 –talks about his brother, the murder, and a legacy of social action. Monday - 9:00pm Tuesday - 12:00am & 3:00pm

Rachel Robinson

Jackie Robinson’s widow Rachel Robinson discusses the challenges she and her husband had to face as he broke the Major League color barrier in 1947-- - and recalls the Jews who helped them. Tuesday - 9:00pm Wednesday - 12:00am & 3:00pm

Avi Hoffman

One of the most important Holocaust artifacts found since World War II, the Dachau Album is a recently discovered treasure, containing artwork and photographs. National Director of the project Avi Hoffman shares the story of the album and its impact. Wednesday - 9:00pm Thursday - 12:00am &; 3:00pm

Miriam Peretz

Miriam Peretz, author of Miriam’s Song, describes her experience as a mother who lost two sons while each was serving in the IDF’s elite Golani Brigade, and how she has transcended her sorrow. Thursday - 9:00pm Friday - 12:00am & 3:00pm


Dimensions of the Daf Talmud Study with Rabbi Mordechai Becher Lessons of the week begin every Sunday at 9am ET

The Mezuzah

Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Senior Lecturer, Gateways discusses the history and philosophy of the mezuzah in an episode entitled “The Material Witness.” Sunday - 9:00am Tuesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm

Moral Choices

Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Senior Lecturer, Gateways discusses Talmudic passages which relate to the moral dilemma posed by self-driving cars when, in an emergency,technology must program to sacrifice passengers or pedestrians. Sunday - 9:30am Tuesday - 9:30am & 5:30pm

From the Aleph Bet

Mark S. Golub z”l hosts this original series designed for anyone of any age to learn to read and understand Hebrew.

The Motzee

*Learn to read and understand the Hebrew for the most well-known of all Jewish blessings, the Motzee, recited over bread Monday - 9:00am *

Two New Hebrew Words

Learn to read and understand two new Hebrew words that are found in many Jewish blessings. Monday - 9:30am Thursday - 9:00am


REFORM: CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE Closed Captioned 6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am

ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 7:30pm & 10:30pm


REFORM: CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE Closed Captioned 9:30am & 1:00pm

ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 11:00am & 2:30pm

Edith Samers Vice President 203.536.6914 (cell phone) JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, a 501c3 fulltime television channel Website:


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