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JBS Highlights 5/1-5/7: On JBS: Yom HaZikaron, Tekkes Ma’avar & Yom HaAtzmaut, Campus Antisemitism, “The Jewish Jordan”

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Tekkes Ma'avar: From Memorial to Celebration

Mark the transition from Yom HaZikaron, Israel's Remembrance Day, to Yom Ha'Atzmaut, Israel's 74th Independence Day, in this outstanding program that includes moving personal testimonies, words of inspiration, songs and messages from Israel’s President Herzog, Rabbis, mentalist Lior Suchard, Israeli music sensation Eli Huli and so much more. A program of JBS in partnership with AIPAC and the UES synagogues of KJ, Park Avenue Synagogue and Central Synagogue. Wednesday - 8:00pm & 1:00am
Thursday - 1:00pm

Rabbi on the Sidelines: Tamir Goodman

Former American-Israeli pro basketball player Tamir Goodman, known as the "Jewish Jordan," describes his love of the game, love of Torah, and how faith has carried him through his sports journey from Baltimore to college basketball to making Aliyah. Follow on Twitter @RabbiESherman, Instagram @rabbi_erez_sherman,and Facebook @SinaiTempleLA Sunday - 7:00pm & 2:00am Monday - 1:00pm Tuesday - 10:15am Thursday - 5:00am & 10:00pm

ADL Never Is Now: Confronting Antisemitism on Campus

Explore how to identify and respond to antisemitism and how the campus community can unite in fostering safer learning environments for young people in this discussion from Hillel International and ADL with panelists Jasmine Beroukhim (UCLA Student), Debbi Yunker Kail (Executive Director, Hillel Jewish Student Center at Arizona State University), Jordan Robinson (Hillel International Student Cabinet and Michigan State University Student) and Varun Soni (Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life at the University of Southern California), with moderator Adam Lehman (President and CEO, Hillel International). Monday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Tuesday - 11:00am Wednesday - 2:00pm Friday - 2:00pm

Rabbi Hirsch: Tel Aviv Terro

In a sermon delivered the day after a recent terror attack in Tel Aviv, Rabbi Hirsch reaffirms his congregation’s partisan stance on Israel, and its position to always support Israel’s right and moral obligation to defend itself against all attacks. Tuesday- 7:00pm & 2:00am Wednesday - 10:00am Friday - 11:00am Saturday - 4:00pm

Top Story: Chaim Silberstein

JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin discusses the plague of media disinformation and hypocrisy that is eroding democracy and fueling anti-Semitism, and is then joined by Chaim Silberstein, (, who discusses his efforts to reclaim Jewish property in Jerusalem neighborhoods, recounts the history of the dispute, and warns against what he says could happen if Israel fails to defend its sovereignty. Thursday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Friday - 9:00am Saturday - 7pm

In The News: The Temple Mount

Dr. Eran Tzidkiyahu of The Paris institute of Political Studies & The Forum for Regional Thinking, discusses the current violence at the Temple Mount, its history, and what if anything can be done to change the pattern of escalation at the site, holy to Jews and Muslims. With Teisha Bader. Today (Sunday) - 5:30pm

In The News: Rockets Fired at Israel

Mannie Fabian, military correspondent for the Times of Israel, discusses the rockets fired at Israel from Gaza and from Lebanon in April, and hopes for maintaining calm for the conclusion of Ramadan. WIth Teisha Bader. Monday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Tuesday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 11:30pm

Thinking Out Loud: Israeli Security Services

Micah analyzes the recent trend of Israeli security services revealing the number of thwarted terror attacks in Israel, and how this practice, meant to soothe jangled nerves, could end up doing exactly the opposite. He also highlights the fact that many foreign policy commentators are (somehow) managing to make the Russia-Ukraine war about Israel; why should Israel's publicly-stated stance on the war be so disproportionately important compared to that of other nations of the world? Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 5:30pm

On L’Chayim:

Yehuda Sarna

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna, (NYU Chaplain, Executive Director at the Bronfman Center, and Chief Rabbi of the Jewish Community of the Emirates), discusses his experiences with right-wing Orthodoxy, his assessment of Jewish college students today and more. Today (Sunday) - 6:00pm

Deborah Lipstadt

Holocaust historian, author, and President Biden’s newly confirmed special envoy to monitor and combat antisemitism, Deborah Lipstadt discusses the dangers of contemporary antisemitism, which she addresses in her book Antisemitism: Here and Now. Monday - 3:00pm

Charles Jacobs - Campus Hate

Charles Jacobs, President of Americans for Peace and Tolerance, discusses Avi Goldwasser’ s documentary “Hate Spaces – The Politics of Intolerance on Campus” and the increasing bigotry and antisemitism in American universities. Monday - 9:00pm & Midnight Tuesday - 3:00pm

Miriam Peretz - Israel Sorrow/Heroism

Miriam Peretz, author of Miriam’s Song, describes her experience as a mother who lost two sons in the war with Palestinians while each was serving in the IDF’s elite Golani Brigade – and how she has transcended her sorrow. Tuesday - 9:00pm & Midnight Wednesday - 3:00pm

Rochelle Etingin - Witness To Statehood

For Israel's independence day, fifth generation Sabra Rochelle Etingin recounts her experience as a young girl growing up in Israel during the birth of the Jewish State of Israel. Wednesday - 9:00pm & & Midnight Thursday - 3:00pm Saturday - 6:00pm

Emanuel Aronson Rund

Filmmaker, journalist and historian Emanuel Aronson Rund shares personal memories of growing up in Israel during the 1948 War of Independence and discusses contemporary issues challenging the Jewish State today. Thursday - 9:00pm & Midnight Friday - 3:00pm

Jewish Studies

Hebrew: From The Aleph Bet: Lesson 17

New vowel sounds and rules of the Sh'vah. Download Lessons and Worksheets free on the JBS website by Clicking Here. Monday - 9:00am & 5:00pm Thursday - 10:00am Friday - 4:00am

Talmud Study: Our Historic Homeland

Rabbi Mordechai Becher explores evidence of how the Jewish people have had a connection to the Land of Israel for thousands of years. Today (Sunday) - 9:00am Monday - 4:00am Tuesday - 9:00am Wednesday - 7:00pm

Talmud Study: Promise of Aliyah

Three Oaths, Aliyah, and the State Of Israel (based on Kesuvos 96a and 96b) Today (Sunday) - 9:40am Tuesday - 9:40am & 5:00pm Thursday - 7:00pm

Jewish 101: Torah As Response

Rabbi Mark S. Golub looks at Abraham Joshua Heschel's notion that the Torah is the Jewish People's “Response” to revelation. Sunday (Today) - 10:00am Wednesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm Thursday - 4:00am & 11:00am Friday - 5:00am & 1:00pm

92nd Street Y: David Ben-Gurion

Israeli author Anita Shapira discusses her biography about Zionist icon and founder of the modern state of Israel David Ben-Gurion, with The New Yorker’s David Remnick and Stanford professor Steven Zipperstein, in a program of the 92nd Street Y. Sunday - 8:00pm Monday - 5:00am & 10:00pm
Wednesday - 1:00pm Saturday - 10:00pm


REFORM: CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE 6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am

ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 7:30pm & 10:30pm



ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 11:00am & 2:30pm

Edith Samers Vice President 203.536.6914 (cell phone) JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, a 501c3 fulltime television channel Website:


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