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JBS Highlights 9/18- 9/24: Nadine Epstein on RBG, In the Spotlight-Rabbis Spratt & Stanton, Iran’s Nuclear Program, Robert Siegel-Free Speech

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Nadine Epstein: RBG’s Brave & Brilliant Women

Teisha Bader sits with Nadine Epstein, editor-in-chief and CEO of Moment Magazine, to discuss her new book, RBG's Brave & Brilliant Women: 33 Jewish Women to Inspire Everyone, written in collaboration with the late Justice. Monday - 7:30pm & 2:30am Tuesday - 2:30pm Thursday - 10:30am Saturday - 4:30pm & 2am

In the Spotlight: Rabbis Spratt and Stanton

Abigail Pogrebin is joined by co-authors of the new book Awakenings: American Jewish Transformations in Identity, Leadership, and Belonging, Rabbis Benjamin Spratt and Joshua Stanton, who discuss what they see as the next chapter for Jewish legacy institutions and startups and why they're optimistic than most, authors Monday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Tuesday - 11:00am & 2:00am Thursday - 2:00pm Saturday - 8:00pm & 1:00am

Israel’s Response to Iran’s Nuclear Program

Lt. Col. Yochai Guiski (IDF, Ret.) analyzes the frightening developments of Iran's nuclear program and what can be done to contain it, up to and including Israeli military strikes. A program of the MirYam Institute, with Benjamin Anthony. Tuesday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Wednesday - 11:00am
Friday - 2:00pm Saturday - 10:00pm

Robert Siegel: Free Speech Today

Robert Siegel explores the topic of free speech in an age of disinformation and social media, with panelists Laurence Tribe (Professor Emeritus, Harvard Law School), Jelani Cobb (Dean, Columbia Journalism School) and Jeffrey Rosen (President and CEO, National Constitution Center). A program of AFRMC. Wednesday - 8:00pm & 2:00am Thursday - 11:00am
Friday - 5:00am Saturday - 7:00pm

Top Story with Jonathan Tobin: Aryeh Lightstone

Rabbi Aryeh Lightstone, author of a memoir about his experience helping to bring about the Abraham Accords while serving in the Trump administration, discusses the fate of the Accords under Biden, and the threat of a new nuclear deal, with Jonathan Tobin. Thursday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Friday - 10:00am Saturday - 5:00am

Rabbi on the Sidelines: Kevin Warren

Kevin Warren, commissioner of the Big Ten Conference, explains how faith has impacted his career and how, from his perspective as the highest ranking African American on the business side of NFL, faith and sports have the power to unite differences. Follow on Twitter @RabbiESherman, Instagram @rabbi_erez_sherman, and Facebook @SinaiTempleLA Sunday - 7:00pm & 2:00am Tuesday - 10:00am Thursday - 5:00am & 10:00pm Friday - 2:00am

In The News: 50 Years Since Munich Massacre

Israel's first-ever Olympic medalist, Yael Arad, now president of Israel's Olympic Committee, describes being at the 50th Anniversary ceremonies in Munich for the 11 Israeli athletes and coaches murdered by Palestinian terrorists at the1972 Games and discusses the significance of the apology and compensation deal from Germany, five decades later. With Teisha Bader. Sunday - 5:30pm

In The News: Ethiopian Aliyah

In Israel's continued commitment to bring home Ethiopian Jews, 209 new immigrants arrived at Ben Gurion Airport Wednesday, many of whom have been waiting for years, even decades to reunite with their loved ones. CEO and President of the Jewish Federations of North America, Eric Fingerhut accompanied the Aliyah flight and shares the dramatic and emotional experience. With Teisha Bader. Monday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Tuesday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 11:30pm

Thinking Out Loud: JBS journalist Micah Halpern

This week, Micah once again returns to the perennial hot-button Iran nuclear issue, and this time analyzes how the expectations of Israel, Iran, and the world have changed significantly in the past seven years since the original "nuke deal" was signed in 2015. Micah also parses a fascinating new column from seasoned Israeli politician Tzipi Livni, who observes that Israeli elected officials no longer even mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (or its possible resolution) during their campaigns for reelection, and what this means for possible peace. Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 5:30pm

On L’Chayim

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman on "Mensch" Pt 1

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman (Temple Beth El, Stamford, Ct and Jewish Week columnist) discusses the Jewish values embodied in the Yiddish word “mensch” which he writes about in Mensch Marks: Life Lessons from a Human Rabbi. Today (Sunday) - 12:00 Noon

Rabbi Joshua Hammerman on "Mensch" Pt 2 Today (Sunday) - 6:00pm

Dorit Inbar - Israel Film

Dorit Inbar, General Manager of the New Fund for Cinema & Television of Israel, talks about the blessings associated with being a foster mother (for both her family and her foster son), and describes the creativity of the Israeli documentary film industry. Monday - 3:00pm

Jewish Historians

Three of American Jewry’s leading historians reflect on their chosen field, which they write about in Conversations With Colleagues. The book’s editor Jeffrey Gurock (YU), Jonathan Sarna (Brandeis) and Shuly Rubin Schwartz (JTS).
Monday - 9:00pm & Midnight Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday - 6:00pm

Ehud Diskin

Ehud Diskin, a 7th generation Jerusalemite who served as an IDF commander during the Yom Kippur War and is now a successful businessman, talks about his career and life philosophy. Tuesday - 9:00pm & Midnight Wednesday - 3:00pm

Rabbis Reflect On The High Holidays

Rabbis discuss the themes they believe are important to address in High Holiday sermons. With Chaim Steinmetz (Kehilath Jerhurun, NYC), Lauren Grabelle Herrmann (SAJ, NYC) and Marcelo Kormis (Beth El, Fairfield, CT). Wednesday - 9:00pm & & Midnight Thursday - 3:00pm

Rabbis Discuss High Holidays

Rabbis discuss how they feel about the High Holidays and the messages they feel are relevant for the Days of Awe. With rabbis Mitchell Wohlberg (Orthodox), Rachel Ain (Conservative) and Steve Gutow (Reconstructionist). Thursday - 9:00pm & Midnight Friday - 3:00pm


Jewish 101: The Jewish Obsession

The Jewish Family has had an historical obsession that has shaped the unique character of the Jewish People. Rabbi Mark S. Golub explains what this obsession is on the JBS series "Jewish 101.” Sunday - 10:00am Wednesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm Thursday - 4:00am Friday - 1:00pm

Hebrew: Lesson 7

Learn three new Hebrew letters, "Gimmel," "Daled," and "Yud Monday - 9:00am Thursday - 9:30am & 5:00pm Friday - 4:00am

Hebrew: Rosh Hashanah

Learn Hebrew words associated with Rosh Hashanah, and the Hebrew greeting for the holiday Monday - 9:30am & 5:00pm Thursday - 10:00am & 5:30pm Friday - 4:30am

Talmud Study: Facilitating Repentance

The rabbinic view of "Repentance and Free Will," as discussed by Maimonides in his commentary to Pirkey Avot (Ethics of the Fathers) Today (Sunday) - 9:00am Monday - 4:00am Tuesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm Wednesday - 7:00pm

Talmud Study: No Heavenly Voices

The Jewish tradition's mistrust of heavenly voices is the focus of Rabbi Mordechai Becher's Talmud study in a program he calls, "Pious Disobedience or Don't Listen To Heavenly Voices," based on a famous passage from Eruvin 6b. Today (Sunday) - 9:30am Monday - 4:30am Tuesday - 9:30am & 5:30pm Thursday - 7:00pm



REFORM: CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE Closed Captioned 6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am

ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 7:30pm & 10:30pm**


REFORM: CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE Closed Captioned 9:30am & 1:00pm

ORTHODOX: HAMPTON SYNAGOGUE With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 11:00am & 2:30pm

Edith Samers Vice President 203.536.6914 (cell phone) JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, a 501c3 fulltime television channel Website:


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