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JBS HIGHLIGHTS 04/07/2024 -04/13/2024

On JBS: Donniel Hartman; YY Jacobson; Israel Outside In; Dennis Ross with Robert Siegel


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Fighting Antisemitism – The ISGAP Hour

Founder and Executive Director of ISGAP Charles Small delivers a talk on “Globalization, Antisemitism, Race and Israel-Bashing” from Pembroke College in Oxford, England.

*Sunday - 7:00pm & 11:00pm Monday - 2:00am, 7:00am & 1:00pm Tuesday - 5:00am Thursday - 4:00pm Friday - 4:00am *

In the Spotlight

Abigail Pogrebin is joined by Shalom Hartman Institute president Rabbi Donniel Hartman to discuss Who Are the Jews—And Who Can We Become, his book that offers a solution to contemporary challenges through the creation of a new “shared” Jewish story.

Monday - 8:00pm & 11:00pm Tuesday - 2:00am, 7:00am & 11:00am Wednesday - 5:00am Thursday - 2:00pm Friday - 4:00pm Saturday - 1:00am & 7:00pm

Jewish Insights with Justin Pines

Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak (YY) Jacobson, one of America’s premier Jewish scholars in Torah and Jewish mysticism, joins Justin Pines to share what he learned from the Lubavitcher rebbe, as well as insights on the world since October 7, parenting, and the holiday of Passover.

Tuesday - 8:00pm & 11:00pm Wednesday - 2:00am, 6:30am & 10:30am Friday - 9:00am & 8:30pm Saturday - 8:00am, 4:00pm & 8:00pm

Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern

Micah Halpern tackles the frequently misunderstood challenge of not simply converting American detractors into supporters for Israel, but rather inspiring a broader engagement among Americans to care about these issues.

Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 2:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 5:30am

Defending Israel with David Harris###

In this encore presentation, David Harris speaks with acclaimed Egyptian author and liberal activist Dalia Ziada, who has had to flee Egypt amid backlash to her outspoken support for Israel and condemnation of Hamas since October 7th.

Wednesday - 7:00pm & 11:00pm Thursday - 2:00am, 7:00am, 11:30am & 5:00pm Friday - 5am

Israel Outside In

Episode 2

MirYam Institute Co-Founder Benjamin Anthony offers a deep dive into the next generation of Israeli military leadership as he is put through a special forces prep course on the beaches of Israel, and takes a walking tour of Tel Aviv's Carmel Market.

Wednesday - 7:30pm & 10:00pm Thursday - 1:00am, 7:30am, 11:00am & 5:30pm Friday - 2:30pm Saturday - 4:30am & 10:30pm

Global Connections with Robert Siegel

Robert Siegel explores the current status of the Israel-Hamas war and the political and diplomatic initiatives aimed at achieving either a cease-fire or a long-term resolution, with leading experts Dennis Ross (Washington Institute for Near East Policy), Ghaith Al-Omari (Gilbert Foundation Senior Fellow), and Natan Sachs (Center for Middle East Policy)

Wednesday - 8:00pm Thursday - 4:00am & 10:00am Friday - 7:00am & 1:00pm Saturday - 9:30pm

FIDF Live Briefing

Devoted wife and mother Hila Berdichevsky shares her family’s harrowing story of survival on October 7th and what it means to her to live in a kibbutz within the Gaza envelope.

Thursday - 7:00pm & 11:00pm Friday - 2:00am

NEWS & ANALYSIS Weeknights at 6:00 and 6:30pm

ILTV News and Daily News Updates

ILTV reports from Israel followed by JBS Daily News with Teisha Bader Weeknights at 6:00pm

Good Week Israel

Positive stories from Israel of heroism, unity and support

Mondays at 6:30pm


ILTV reports and interviews

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

On L’Chayim: Classic Conversations with Mark S. Golub z”l

Peter Yarrow Part 1

A member of the iconic folk-music group of "Peter, Paul & Mary," Peter Yarrow talks about his Jewish identity and his feelings for the State of Israel.

Monday - 9:00pm Tuesday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm

Cantor Joseph Malovany

Cantor Joseph Malovany reflects upon the way in which Eastern European countries are seeking reconciliation after the Holocaust and describes his participation in a ceremony commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Tuesday - 9:20pm
Wednesday - 12:20am, 3:20am & 3:00pm

Joe Lieberman z"l

Former U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman reflects on his Jewish background, his political heroes and his lifelong career in American politics.

Wednesday - 9:00pm
Thursday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm Saturday - 6:00pm

Peter Yarrow Part 2

Peter and Mark continue the conversation and sing together in harmony in part 2.

Thursday - 9:00pm Friday – 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm


Dimensions of the Daf

Talmud Study with Rabbi Mordechai Becher Lessons of the week begin every Sunday at 9am

Laws of Kashrut

Rabbi Mordechai Becher explores how the Jewish Tradition treats issues related to the Laws of Kashrut in an episode entitled: "Kopi Luwak and the Kashrut of Coffee."

Sunday - 9:00am Tuesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm

Doodles and Margins

Rabbi Becher discusses doodles that appear in the margins of ancient Jewish texts (including Maimonides’) which show how human culture has not changed in thousands of years.

Sunday - 9:30am Tuesday - 9:30am & 5:30pm

Jewish 101

A pluralistic introduction to the teachings, ideas and values of the Jewish Tradition with Rabbi Mark S. Golub z"l

Episode 6 - The Binding of Isaac

For many Jews, "The Akedah" ("The Binding of Isaac") is the most troubling and misunderstood passage in the Torah. Hear why it was revolutionary and liberating for its time and remains a powerful message today.

Monday - 9:00am Thursday - 9:00am Friday - 9:50pm



Closed Captioned

6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am


With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles

7:30pm & 10:30pm



Closed Captioned

9:30am & 1:00pm


With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles

11:00am & 2:30pm

Vlada Barash

Special Projects Manager

JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service,

a 501c3fulltime television channel




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