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On JBS: Yehuda Kurtzer; The Green Prince; AJC Global Opening Plenary; FIDF Briefings; Juneteenth

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FIDF Live Briefing: ICJ and ICC

FIDF CEO Steve Weil and Human Rights Lawyer Arsen Ostrovsky discuss ICJ and ICC actions, the weaponization of law, risks to democracies, IDF efforts to minimize civilian deaths and more.

Sunday - 8:00am & 5:30pm Monday - 8:30am & 12:30pm Thursday - 11:00am

In the Spotlight with Abigail Pogrebin: Roberta Satow

Abigail Pogrebin speaks with author and psychologist Roberta Satow about Our Time Is Up, her part fiction, part memory book that offers an intimate look at psychoanalysis as seen through Roberta’s experience as both a patient and analyst.

Monday - 8:00pm & 11:00pm Tuesday - 2:00am, 7:00am, 11:00am & 4:00pm Wednesday - 5:00am Thursday - 2:00pm Friday - 10:00am, 4:00pm & 9:30pm Saturday - 7:00pm

Eric Goldman's Jewish Cinematheque: Come Closer

Eric is joined by Israeli filmmaker Tom Nesher to discuss her debut feature film Come Closer, the poignant drama that explores depths of grief and celebrates those who choose life even after unthinkable pain and loss.

Monday - 8:30pm & 11:30pm Tuesday - 2:30am, 7:30am & 11:30am Wednesday - 5:30am & 2:30pm Friday - 10:30am

Fighting Antisemitism – The ISGAP Hour: The Green Prince

ISGAP leaders Charles Small and David Harris discuss fighting antisemitism with Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as The Green Prince, the former militant son of a Hamas co-founder who became a Shin Bet agent and Israel advocate.

Tuesday - 7:00pm Wednesday - 2:00am, 10:00am & 1:00pm Thursday - 4:00pm & 11:00pm Friday - 2:00am & 7:00am

Jewish Insights with Justin Pines: Yehuda Kurtzer on Stewarding Torah

Reflecting on Shavuot, the holiday celebrating the giving and receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, Justin is joined by Yehuda Kurtzer, President of the Shalom Hartman Institute, to discuss how the Torah informs their modern perspectives.

Tuesday - 8:00pm & 11:00pm Wednesday -4:00am, 7:00am & 11:00am Thursday - 5:00am Friday - 9:00am & 8:30pm Saturday - 8:30am & 4:00pm

Thinking Out Loud with Micah Halpern

Micah discusses the real fear experienced by much of the Jewish community in the United States and offers insights on how the community should respond.

Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 8:30am & 12:30pm Saturday - 5:30pm

Defending Israel with David Harris

David Harrris is joined by special guests Avidor Baruch and Yaniv Jember to discuss Israel's diverse and complex society from the perspective of Ethiopian Israelis.

Wednesday - 7:00pm & 11:00pm Thursday - 4:00am, 7:00am,11:30am & 5:00pm Friday - 4:30pm & 10:00pm Saturday - 7:30pm

Rabbi Hirsch: Cicadas

Inspired by the rare, historic cicada invasion, Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, senior rabbi of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York City, teaches that our true purpose lies beneath the surface, strength comes from community, and our actions should benefit future generations.

Wednesday - 7:30pm & 10:00pm Thursday - 1:00am, 4:30am & 7:30am Friday - 11:00am

Global Connections with Robert Siegel: Elections, Wars, and the Media

Robert Siegel hosts David Folkenflik (NPR) and Len Downie (Arizona State University) to unpack the state of the media and current events during this presidential election year.

Wednesday - 8:00pm Thursday - 2:00am & 10:00am Saturday - 10:00pm

FIDF Live Briefing: General Nuriel

FIDF CEO Steve Weil welcomes Brig. Gen. (Res) Nitzan Nuriel to discuss the IDF's efforts to avoid casualties, the mission to prevent Hamas from staying in power, and the roles of Syria, Iran, Egypt, and the potential for a Lebanon War.

Thursday - 6:30pm & 10:00pm Friday - 1:00am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

AJC Global Forum: Opening Plenary

The opening plenary of the premiere global Jewish advocacy conference, the AJC Global Forum, featured a tribute to those lost since October 7, remarks from President Herzog, international Jewish leaders on rising antisemitism, and actor Michael Rapaport with Aviva Klompas (Boundless Israel) on social media advocacy for Israel, as well as the launch of AJC’s "Heroes of Israel," highlighting extraordinary citizens.

Thursday - 7:00pm Friday - 4:00am & 1:00pm Saturday - 8:00pm


ILTV News and Daily News Updates

ILTV reports from Israel followed by JBS Daily News with Teisha Bader

Mondays-Thursdays at 6:00pm & Fridays at 5:00pm

Good Week Israel

Positive stories from Israel of heroism, unity and support

Mondays at 6:30pm


ILTV reports and interviews

Tuesdays at 6:30pm

On L’Chayim: Classic Conversations with Mark S. Golub z”l

H. Alan Scott

Comedian and writer H. Alan Scott discusses the journey that led him from his rigid Mormon upbringing to being a proudly gay Jewish convert, and he explains why he always felt he was Jewish.

Monday - 9:00pm Tuesday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

Dr. Ruth describes how she survived the Holocaust, made aliyah to Palestine and became a Haganah sniper, and grew to be America's most beloved sex therapist.

Tuesday - 9:00pm Wednesday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm Saturday - 6:00pm

Clarence Jones

Martin Luther King Jr.'s attorney and confidant, Clarence Jones, describes how the Jewish community made the civil rights movement possible, condemns Black antisemitism, and calls upon the Palestinians to renounce terrorism as a precondition for peace.

Wednesday - 9:00pm Thursday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm

Jack Laub z"l

The late Jack Laub, a World War II veteran, college basketball star, and NBA player, shares his remarkable personal journey and reflects on his Jewish identity.

Thursday - 9:00pm
Friday - 12:00am, 3:00am & 3:00pm


Dimensions of the Daf

Talmud Study with Rabbi Mordechai Becher

Minority Rights

Rabbi Becher looks at the Talmudic text of Nezikin, Bava Kama, Chapter 3 as the basis for this lesson he entitles Jugs, Barrels, and Minority Rights.

Sunday - 9:00am Monday - 4:00am Tuesday - 9:00am & 5:00pm

Disputed Property

The Talmud's approach to a dispute over property claims is discussed.

Sunday - 9:30am Monday - 4:30am Tuesday - 9:30am & 5:30pm

Jewish 101

A pluralistic introduction to the teachings, ideas and values of the Jewish Tradition with Rabbi Mark S. Golub z"l

Creation Part 2

A continuing look at Jewish values derived by the rabbinic tradition from the reading of The Story of Creation (Genesis, Chapter 1).

Monday - 9:00am Thursday - 9:00am Saturday - 1:00am



Closed Captioned 6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am


With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 7:30pm & 10:30pm



Closed Captioned 9:30am & 1:00pm


With Hebrew, transliteration and English subtitles 11:00am & 2:30pm

**Vlada Barash, Special Projects Manager

JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service,a 501c3fulltime television channel




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