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BS Highlights Oct 3-9: Diaspora-Israel Relations, ADL Center on Extremism, JNS-Elan Carr & Akko Riots

Watch JBS on Comcast X-1 Box Ch 1684, Atlantic Broadband 168, Hotwire Ch 269, DirecTV Ch 388, Blue Stream Ch 110, streamed on Roku under "educational", Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and For a complete and timely schedule and other television providers, go to

Diaspora-Israel Relations (ADL)

Top Jewish leaders from Israel and the diaspora explore issues of antisemitism, post-COVID challenges and more during a summit that emphasizes the centrality of Israel and Zionism in shaping a shared identity for Jews worldwide. Monday - 8:00pm & 2:00am Wednesday - 2:00pm Saturday - 10:00pm

Combating Extremism - The ADL

Spotlight on the ADL’s Center on Extremism, the foremost authority on terrorism and hate both foreign and domestic that uses advanced tech to gather actionable intelligence and thwart potential attacks against Jews and other vulnerable communities. Tuesday - 8:00pm & 1:00am Thursday - 2:00pm

Global Perspectives: Akko

Ellie Cohanim meets with local business owners in Israel’s old city of Akko to discuss and try to understand the violent riots that occurred there last May. On Global Perspectives, a program of JNS. Wednesday - 7:30pm & 2:00am Thursday - 11:00am Saturday - 7:30pm

Top Story: Elan Carr

Former U.S. Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating anti-Semitism Elan Carr joins JNS editor-in-chief Jonathan Tobin to discuss critical race theory, extremism on the Internet, confronting Jew-hatred on both the left and right and more. Wednesday - 8:00pm Thursday - 1:00pm Friday - 5:00am & 2:00pm Saturday - 8:00pm

In The News: Iron Dome Funding

Arizona State Representative Alma Hernandez, a Progressive Democrat, discusses the Iron Dome funding in the House and why those Progressives who voted against it, in no way speak for her or her party. With Teisha Bader.
Sunday – 8:30am & 5:30pm

Thinking Out Loud: Micah Halpern

Micah Halpern talks about the specialness of celebrating Jewish holidays in the land of Israel, especially Sukkot. And the necessity for Israel to re-strengthen its ties with the Democratic party in the post-Netanyahu era. Wednesday - 6:30pm & 11:30pm Thursday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

On L’Chayim

Sunday: Richard Stone Pt 1

Richard Stone, former Chair of the Conference of Presidents, describes growing up in New Orleans and how he became more observant while at Harvard and in Jerusalem; and shares his concerns over the failure of non-Orthodox Judaism. Sunday - 12 Noon

Sunday: Stone Pt 2

Richard Stone, former Chair of the Conference of Presidents, reflects on why many American Jews are critical of Israel and why they fail to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and addresses issue challenging Israel today. Sunday - 6:00pm

Monday: Joshua Safran

Joshua Safran, author of "Free Spirit: Growing up On the Road and Off the Grid", discusses his memoir, about the most unconventional childhood, his return to and love for Judaism, and his work as a women's rights activist.
Monday - 3:00pm

Monday: Ruth Wisse

Ruth Wisse, Professor Emeritus at Harvard, discusses the BDS Movement and the Jewish community's response; reflects on aspects of Jewish life; and introduces her new online course on George Eliot's last and most controversial novel (with a dramatic Jewish theme), Daniel Deronda. Monday - 9:00pm & 12 Midnight Tuesday - 3:00pm Saturday - 6:00pm

Tuesday: Dan Raviv

CBS News Correspondent, Dan Raviv, discusses many aspects of Israel's intelligence operations detailed in his book, Spies Against Armageddon, Inside Israel's Secret Wars. Tuesday - 9:00pm & 12 Midnight Wednesday - 3:00pm

Wednesday: Israelis Fight BDS

American-born Israelis Josh Malchman and Kayla Dulin, who each served in the IDF as "Lone Soldiers" (with no family in Israel) and who are visiting the U.S. to combat BDS on college campuses, discuss their personal journeys and feelings for Israel.
Wednesday - 9:00pm & Midnight Thursday - 3:00pm

Thursday: John Sterling

As Baseball readies for the post-season, Mark S. Golub sits with “The Voice Of The New York Yankees,” John Sterling, to talk about how he has become one of the most well-known and beloved play-by-play announcers in America today. Thursday - 9:00pm & Midnight Friday - 3:00pm


Talmud Study: Do Me a Favor

What one does or does not owe a person who does one a favor is the topic of Rabbi Mordechai Becher's Talmud lesson on this week's "Dimensions of the Daf" Sunday - 9:00am Monday - 4:00am & 1:00pm Tuesday - 9:00am & 4:30pm Thursday - 7:00pm Friday - 4:00am

Talmud Study: Teachers/Disciples

An overview of how teachers should influence disciples is presented by Rabbi Mordechai Becher in this Talmud lesson based on Ethics of the Fathers, entitled "Many Students Standing”. Sunday - 9:30am Monday - 4:30am Tuesday - 9:30am & 5:00pm Thursday - 7:30pm Friday - 4:30am

Jewish 101: First Relation

What is the first evil of human existence and what is at the heart of being a complete human being? These are questions addressed in the Jewish reading of Genesis Chapter 2 in an ongoing study of Jewish values. "Jewish 101" with Rabbi Mark S. Golub. Sunday - 10:00am Monday - 5:00am Wednesday - 9:00am & 4:30pm Friday - 1:00pm

92nd Street Y: Rabbi Meir Lau

Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv Rabbi Meir Lau (formerly chief rabbi of Israel) describes his miraculous survival as a young child in Auschwitz and shares tales of his storied rabbinic career in conversation with Rabbi Menachem Genack at the 92nd Street Y. Sunday - 8:00pm & 2:00am Monday - 9:30am, 5:00pm & 10:00pm Tuesday - 4:00am Wednesday - 10:30am Saturday - 1:00am & 4:00pm

Friday Evening Shabbat Services

Reform: Central Synagogue 6:00pm, 11:30pm & 2:00am

Orthodox: Hampton Synagogue With Hebrew, Transliteration And English Subtitles 7:30pm & 10:30pm

Saturday Morning Shabbat Services

Reform: Central Synagogue 9:30am & 1:00pm

Orthodox: Hampton Synagogue With Hebrew, Transliteration And English Subtitles 11:00am & 2:30pm

Edith Samers Vice President 203.536.6914 (cell phone) JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, a 501c3 fulltime television channel Website:


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