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JBS Highlights starting 7/5: Sovereignty Debates, Lisa Daftari, Dr. David Katz, “From Date To Mate,” “Jewish 101”

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Debate: Extend Sovereignty Now?

Israelis debate the motion: “Israel must apply sovereignty over the Jordan Valley now!” In Favor - IDF Brig. (Ret) General Yossi Kuperwasser. Opposed - Professor Chuck Freilich (Columbia U.). Moderated by Benjamin Anthony from The MirYam Institute. Monday - 8pm & 1:30am; Wednesday – 1:30pm

AJC Global: Sovereignty Debate

Labor MK Merav Michaeli and President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Dore Gold debate the pros and cons of Israel's extending sovereignty over parts of the West Bank. With Avi Meyer at AJC Virtual Global Forum 2020. Tuesday - 8pm & 1am; Thursday - 2pm; Saturday - 8pm

Jewish 101: Introduction

In this introductory "Jewish 101" lesson, Rabbi Mark S. Golub explains for whom the original series is intended and why it is so difficult to teach Judaism to children. Wednesday – 9am & 4:30pm; Friday – 1pm

From Date to Mate: Episode 1

Episode-1 of a mock reality series following four Jewish singles navigating the New York singles' scene with the help of a Jewish online dating service in seeking that "special someone." An original production written and directed by Sloan Copeland. Saturday – 10:30pm & 1:30am

Together In Covid19: David Katz

Dr. David Katz, Director of Medical Studies in Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine and CEO of Diet ID, Inc, discusses today’s nuanced understanding the Coronavirus and explains why he is optimistic for the immediate future. With Mark S. Golub. Monday - 6:30pm & 11:30; Tuesday - 3:30am, 8:30am & 12:30pm

On L’Chayim

L'Chayim: Lisa Daftari

Lisa Daftari, founding Editor-in-Chief of the news website The Foreign Desk, describes her family upbringing as an Iranian-American Jew and discusses her work as a Middle East expert, investigative journalist and political commentator. With Mark S. Golub.
Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight; Thursday - 3pm

Dave Rubin

YouTube personality and podcast host of "The Rubin Report" Dave Rubin, author of Don't Burn This Book, describes his Jewish upbringing and the values that have influenced his political world view on social issues in America today.
Sunday (Today) - 12 Noon; Monday - 3pm

West Bank Settler

A co-founder of the Israeli town of Elon Moreh, Zev Saffer, explains why he chose to leave the United States to make Aliyah, and describes how he helped to build a community and raise a family on Israel’s West Ridge. Monday - 9pm & 2am; Tuesday - 3pm

Yishai Fleisher

The managing editor of Israel National Radio (Arutz Sheva), Yishai Fleisher offers a West Bank perspective in explaining why he opposes territorial compromise. Tuesday - 9pm & Midnight; Wednesday - 3pm

Chabad Rabbi Eliezrie

Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie, National Chabad Liaison to JFNA and author of The Secret of Chabad, describes what drew him to Chabad and his career as an emissary, and shares his perspective on Chabad philosophy regarding non-Orthodox Jews.
Thursday - 9pm & Midnight; Friday - 3pm

Jack Benny's Daughter

Joan Benny, the daughter of one of America’s most beloved comedians, Jack Benny (z”l), reminisces about her father and describes his commitment to the State of Israel and is involvement with Israel Bonds.
Saturday - 6pm

92nd Street Y: Alan Zweibel

One of the most creative Jews in the world of television comedy, Alan Zweibel sits with "Curb Your Enthusiasm" co-star Susie Essman, to talk about his career and being one of the original writers of "Saturday Night Live." Exclusive from the 92nd Street Y. Sunday - 8pm & 2am; Monday - 10pm; Tuesday - 4am; Wednesday - 10:30am; Friday - 8pm; Saturday - 1am & 3pm

Film: Back Door Channels

"Back Door Channels: The Price of Peace" tells the true story of secret missions, internal power struggles, and diplomatic brinkmanship by a stealth cast of characters that led to the 1979 Camp David Peace Accord and Treaty between Egypt and Israel. Sunday 9pm & Midnight

Talmud: Fake News & Privacy

Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Senior Lecturer at Gateways Organization and at Yeshiva University and the author of Gateways To Judaism uses Talmudic texts to explore the Torah values of confidentiality, privacy and honesty. On JBS’ “Dimensions of the Daf.” Sunday - 9:30am; Monday - 4:30am; Tuesday - 10am & 5:00pm; Thursday - 7:30pm

“In The News”

In The News: Israel For Global Health

Professor Varda Liberman, Head of Israel's IDC's MBA Program on Global Health & co-founder of the university, describes their work in Healthcare Innovation & discusses Israel's role in fighting COVID-19 and improving health worldwide. With Shahar Azani Sunday - 8:30am, 5:30pm & 11:30pm

In The News: Engel’s Defeat (Sheinkopf)

Veteran political consultant Hank Sheinkopf, whose clients have included Bill Clinton and Mike Bloomberg, discusses the significance to Israel and American Jewry of Eliot Engel’s loss in the NY Democratic Primary to Jamaal Bowman.
Sunday - 4pm

Reform and Orthodox Services for Shabbat

Friday Evening and Kabbalat Shabbat Services

Friday Night

Reform: Central Synagogue Erev Shabbat Services - 6pm & 11:15pm

Orthodox: Hampton Synagogue Kabbalat Shabbat - 7:15pm & 10:30pm

Shabbat Morning

Reform: Central Synagogue Shabbat Morning Services - 9:30am

Orthodox: Hampton Synagogue Shabbat Morning Services- 11am

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