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JBS-Jewish Broadcasting Service Highlights May 27-June 2 on Atlantic Broadband CH 168, DIRECTV CH 388, Hotwire CH 269, the Roku streaming player, and at

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JBS Film Premiere: Jewish Soldiers in Blue & Gray

The story of the 10,000 Jewish soldiers who fought in America's deadliest war, the Civil War -- brother against brother, Jew against Jew, in numbers proportionally higher than other American group, 7,000 for the Union and 3,000 for the Confederacy.

The film shows how some prominent Jews, including Jewish slave-owners, cited the Torah to justify slavery, while others were leaders in the abolitionist movement or established their synagogues as stops on the Underground Railroad.

The film also shows the history of Ulysses S. Grant's infamous "General Order No. 11" expelling Jews from Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi; the rise of Sephardic Jew Judah P. Benjamin to Secretary of State of the Confederacy; the imprisonment of Confederate spy Eugenia Levy Phillips; and the unlikely story of Abraham Lincoln's Jewish doctor who moved through the South as a Union spy.

Oscar-nominated screenwriter John Milius (Apocalypse Now) narrates the film and Sam Waterston is the voice of Abraham Lincoln

Tonight (Sunday) - 9pm & Midnight; Friday - 9pm & 4am

In a series of Memorial Day special programs, JBS pays tribute to all those who served our country in the U.S. Armed Forces and especially honors those who made the ultimate sacrifice

JBS features WWII Veteran Dan Roberts who describes his personal story, including his serving in the European theater, capturing a Nazi officer, being wounded (for which he received the Purple Heart); and his love for Israel and the Jewish People

Today (Sunday): 1-3pm; Monday (Memorial Day): 9-11am, 4:30-6pm, 7-9pm, Midnight-2pm

L'Chayim: Jewish Marine In Iraq

Zach Iscol, a decorated Marine who served two terms in Iraq, explains why he joined the Marines, how he experienced the war and the bonds he forged with his Iraqi translator, and he now feels about military conflict. Today (Sunday) - Noon & 6pm

How Memory Works

Rabbi Geoffrey A. Mitelman, Founding Director of Sinai and Synapses (a CLAL initiative seeking to bridge the religious and scientific worlds), discusses the science of memory and the vital role the power of collective memory plays in both Jewish culture and Jewish history. From Limmud NY 2018 in Princeton, NJ. Tuesday - 8pm & 1am; Thursday - 2pm; Saturday - 11am

Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame - Class of 2017

Howard Teich's Brooklyn Jewish Historical Initiative conducts its 3rd annual induction ceremonies into the Brooklyn Jewish Hall of Fame honoring Judith Clurman, David Dubrow, Merle Feld, Ira Glasser, Malcolm Hoenlein, Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Eli Miller, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Norman Siegel, and Assembly Member Helene Weinstein. At the Brooklyn Jewish Historical Society Wednesday - 7:30pm & 1am; Friday - 1:30pm; Saturday - 7:30pm & 1:30am

L'Chayim: Why I Became A Jewish Historian

Three of American Jewry's leading historians explain how they arrived at their chosen field which they write about in a book of 16 essays: "Conversations With Colleagues - on becoming an American Jewish Historian." Jeffrey Gurock (Yeshiva University and the book's editor), Jonathan Sarna (Brandeis University) and Shuly Rubin Schwartz (Jewish Theological Seminary Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight; Thursday - 3pm


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