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92Y: Gregory & Brown on Faith

TV Journalist David Gregory, author of "How's Your Faith," and Jewish ethicist Erica Brown, author of "Take Your Faith To Work," discuss faith and Jewish identity. With Rabbi Peter Rubinstein, Dir. of the Bronfman Center for Jewish Life at the 92Y in NY. Tonight (Sun) - 8pm & 1:30am; Monday - 10pm & 4am; Wednesday - 10:30am; Friday - 8:30pm & 1am; Saturday - 3pm & 5am

Natan Sharansky & Elliott Abrams

Soviet Refusenik, Israeli statesman, and former chairman of the Jewish Agency, Natan Sharansky, discusses Israel and Jewish life today with Elliott Abrams (Council on Foreign Relations). At the 2018 Jewish Leadership Conference on "Jews and Conservatism." Monday - 7:30pm & 2am; Wednesday - 1:30pm

Israeli Human Rights v Security

eremy Bob, Terrorism and Legal Analyst for The Jerusalem Post, discusses Israel's new Nation State Law, Israel's rules of engagement on the Gaza border, and Israeli human rights and security issues. At the Lawfare Project in NYC. Monday - 8pm & 1am ; Wednesday - 2pm; Saturday - 7pm & 1am

Shmuly Yanklowitz: Jewish Spirituality

Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz (Pirkei Avot: A Social Justice Commentary) uses rabbinic texts, poetry, and anecdotes to discuss "Spiritual Transformation: Changing the World from the Inside Out." At the Saul Cohen-Schoke JFS Lecture, form the Ferguson Library, Stamford, Ct. Tuesday - 8pm & 1am ; Thursday - 2pm; Saturday - 8pm & 2am

L'Chayim: "Tevye Raw" - Allen Rickman

Veteran movie (A Serious Man), television (Boardwalk Empire) and Yiddish stage actor Allen Lewis Rickman discusses his love of Yiddish and his production "Tevye Served Raw," which he wrote, directed and plays the title role. Wednesday - 9pm & Midnight ; Thursday - 3pm

Also on L’Chayim

Israeli Consul General Dani Dayan Today - Noon & 6pm

Aryeh Katzin: Soviet Refusnik (Parts 1 & 2) Monday - 9pm & Midnight; Tuesday - 3pm; and Thursday - 9pm & Midnight; Friday - 3pm

Talia Carner: "Moscow Hotel" Tuesday - 9pm & Midnight; Wednesday - 3pm

Joshua Safran: "Free Spirit" Saturday - 6pm

The Jake Ehrenreich Show

With The Fabulous Finkel Brothers -- Ian Finkel, the world's greatest xylophonist, and Elliot Finkel, the renowned pianist (Fyvush Finkel's sons) -- and with stand-up comic Rabbi Mike Fine. Sunday 10pm & 2am; Tuesday 2pm & 4am; Thursday 10pm and 1 am; Friday 10:30 am

Edith Samers Vice President 203.536.6914 (cell phone) JBS Jewish Broadcasting Service, a 501c3 fulltime television channel


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