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Fully Virtual Jewish Childbirth Class August 22

Shalom Baby

This day long class includes a complete childbirth class taught by the same doula team that teaches at Mt. Sinai. It will conclude with a discussion with Senior Rabbi Gayle Pomerantz of Temple Beth Sholom on Jewish baby names and both traditional and modern naming rituals.

Follow up evening classes on 8/26, 8/31, and 9/1 will include the following educational specialists/topics: pediatrician, lactation consultant, post-partum mental health, sleep specialist, CPR, From Partners to Parents, and Mommy Self-Care.

Contact Greg Lawrence for more information 786-364-4413 | [email protected] and/or click here to read more and register.

Shalom Baby Virtual Childbirth Class Series

Expecting women 20+ weeks pregnant, and their partners, are invited to join for Temple Beth Sholom's highly regarded childbirth class series: this time virtually!

The day-long doula-taught childbirth class will begin Saturday, May 2, at 9:45am. It concludes with a rabbi-led class on Hebrew names & naming traditions and a brief Havdalah.

For full educator schedule and to register, please visit the Shalom Baby website.

Questions? Contact Greg Lawrence: [email protected] | 786-364-4413

The Tribe Presents: Vodka Latke 2019

Vodka Latke

Vodka Latke 2019

The Tribe's Annual Chanukah Party

December 19, 2019 8:00pm-11:00pm @Treehouse

Celebrate Miami’s premier Chanukah party – Vodka Latke 2019, presented by The Tribe.

Enjoy an amazing evening of celebration at Treehouse on Miami Beach. Featuring: unlimited vodka, unlimited latkes, music from DJ Eran Hersh, our famous Dreidel Pool, and more.

Join us on December 19th for our annual Chanukah celebration!


Sigd: An Evening of Dinner and Learning with The Tribe and Israeli Consulate in Miami

Sigd: An Evening of Dinner and Learning

The Tribe + Israeli Consulate in Miami

Thursday 11.7.19 | 7pm

Awash Ethiopian Restaurant, Miami Gardens

Join the Tribe and the Consulate General of Israel in Miami to learn about the Ethiopian Jewish holiday of Sigd, with special guest Deputy Consul General, Kasa Bainesay-Harbor.

We'll gather around as one community to enjoy authentic Ethiopian food while learning about the meaningful holiday of Sigd.

$18 tickets for a buffet-style vegetarian meal. Ticket price will be $25 at the door. Complimentary for Chai Tribesters


SIGD with The Tribe and Israel in Miami

*This event is produced by The Tribe, the cost of tickets goes to covering the meal and event expenses. All expenses are incurred by The Tribe.

Jewish Childbirth Class Series Begins Nov 4

Shalom Baby

A Jewishly Inspired Childbirth Education Series

Saturday, November 9, 9:30am - 4:30pm Daylong Childbirth Class with Doula concluding with conversation with Rabbi on Jewish Baby Naming Traditions/Rituals

November 4, 6, 12, 6:30 - 9:00pm Evening classes including lactation consultant, sleep specialist, prenatal yoga, pediatrician, CPR, post-partum mental health, and partner workshop with LCSW

Full details and registration

Questions? Contact Greg Lawrence: [email protected] | 786-364-4413

Shalom Baby Childbirth Education Series

Shalom Baby

Come for the childbirth education, stay for the Jewish community!

For expecting moms and their partners.

Next offering Saturday, August 3, 9:30am - 4:30pm

Details and registration

Daylong class includes breakfast, a thorough, doula-taught childbirth education class and intimate conversation with one of Temple Beth Sholom's rabbis regarding Jewish names and naming rituals. They day concludes with Havdalah with your peers.

You'll then have the opportunity to return subsequent evenings for the following, all included in Shalom Baby: lactation consultant focusing on breastfeeding, swaddling, and diapering; pediatrician; psychologist focusing on maternal post-partum mental health; LCSW's experiential workshop entitled "From Partners to Parents/Couples to Families"; prenatal yoga class; sleep consultant; and infant/toddler CPR!

The community building continues with a reunion for all to meet and play with the babies months later.

Included in Shalom Baby is the opportunity for a child naming ceremony during Shabbat services.

The Tribe Presents: Yom Ha'atz Miami

Yom Ha'atz Miami

Thursday, May 9, 2019 | 8pm

Get ready for The Tribe’s most anticipated party of the year –Yom Ha’atz Miami! Celebrate Israel’s independence day in true Miami fashion, at the W Miami Rooftop overlooking the Brickell skyline. Enjoy an epic night of music by DJ Eran Hersh, cocktails, henna tattoos and more.

Join us on May 9th for an unforgettable experience celebrating Yom Ha’atzmaut!

Yom Ha'atz Miami Flyer

8:00pm: 1-Hour Sponsored Bar | 9:00pm: Cash bar, Drink Specials, and Hors D’oeuvres.

Get Your Tickets Here!

Learn More...

Admission includes:

  • Comp Drinks 8-9pm
  • Music by Eran Hersh
  • Food
  • Israeli Snacks & Swag
  • Henna Tattoos

The Tribe hosts Shabbasel

Miami Art Week and the Jewish Question

By Artist Jônatas

The Art of Jonatas

The English Oxford dictionary defines Art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

When it comes to the definition of Beauty, the English Oxford Dictionary also mentions an aspect that goes beyond aesthetics, defining it is “a combination of qualities that pleases the intellect.”

With that in mind, I am here to talk to you about the relevance of Art Basel Miami and Miami Art Week, for all of us:

Not long ago, Miami was unfairly considered the cultural desert of the United States. Academics, artists, and intellectuals felt that the lack of a captivating audience, public funding, and art venues, were to be blamed for their stifled careers. In a way, they were completely right.

Throughout the various economic crisis of the past decade, the visual arts in South Florida have suffered extreme blows, and in many areas, art venues would never return to business.

And now Art Basel is a major force in South Florida! Miami Art Week has become a pilgrimage for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to come together to celebrate creativity. Yes, many times these celebrations are ruled by excessive displays of ego and gaudiness. But do keep in mind, that the vast majority of all strong modern and contemporary art scenes in the U.S., such as the ones in L.A. and N.Y. from the 1950s - 1980s had clubs and partying as active allies in the proliferation of new artists and players in a new, local, art industry.

So I do welcome Art Basel Miami and Miami Art Week, wholeheartedly. And I believe it is crucial that we support it by attending exhibits, becoming patrons, and celebrating Art in our own South Floridian kind of way.

But as Jews, how do we embrace this climate of art, specially as it falls on Hanukkah?

My best answer is the following:

We need to find meaning and purpose in it. Once we understand that Art is one of the strongest forms of communication, we understand that today Art provides us with a rare opportunity to address many of society’s contemporary issues. Issues such as prejudice, violence, and the fear of the foreigner.

For this year’s Art Basel Week I choose to address the theme of immigration, through the famous order given to Abraham and his children in Lech Lecha; to leave, to migrate, and to become a stranger in a strange land!

As a first-generation immigrant and returnee to Judaism from a family of exiled crypto-Jews who were in a spiritual and physical 500-Year diaspora since the days of the Spanish Inquisition, I choose to speak up against the treatment given to asylum-seekers in our country. This is conversation about basic human treatment, outside of the political debate. As an artist, I choose to focus on the process of exile and adaption, with a strong Jewish undertone of overcoming assimilation by never forgetting one’s history.

For Art Basel Week, I therefore created a large-scale, multimedia, and audience-participatory exhibit titled “I Am A Stranger in A Strange Land,” where through installations, paintings, films, and many interesting conversations we will be discussing the meaning of being a stranger in a strange land.

Although themes of exile, family-separation, and identity suppression are worthy of our serious attention, we will also embrace the visual language of beauty, joy, and intellect of Miami Art Week: We will be colorful and bold, deep and thought-provoking. We will have a pop-up museum-quality Exhibit at CAMEO nightclub, where the dinner table and guests will become part of the art collection and Art Basel experience!

So please join me this Friday night for our own Art Basel Week Shabbat Dinner. This is the very first official ShabBasel event in Miami history!

50% of the proceeds from the sales of artwork will be donated to charitable causes.

Let the light shine through, Miami Art Week style!


Friday, December 7th, 7pm Cameo Night Club 1445 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL

Click Here For Tickets

[email protected]

The Tribe's Vodka Lake

December 4th, 2018 | 8pm

1445 Washington Ave. Miami Beach, FL 33139

Join Jewish Young Professionals for Miami’s premier, annual Chanukah celebration. Featuring an open Vodka and Latke Bar, Live-art performance and a dreidel pool. This year’s Vodka Latke will be a non-stop party at Cameo on Miami Beach.

Admission includes:

Open Vodka Bar Open Latke bar Cash Bar Art presentation And introducing our dreidel photo pool.

$25 -Until November 19

$30 – Until December 4, 5 pm

$40 – Door Price

VIP: $50

VIP With Bottle: $218

Young Professionals Celebrate Israel at Yom Ha'atz Miami

The Tribe, IAC, JNFuture, Miami Jews, Moishe House Midtown, Moishe House Aventura, and Moishe House Fort Lauderdale are all combining forces for the biggest and best celebration of Israel's 70th Birthday for Jewish Young Professionals in Miami.

Thursday, April 19, 2018 at 8pm

FDR at Delano in South Beach

Comp Drinks 8-9pm, Catered Food 9-10pm, Henna Tattoos, Israeli Snacks & Swag, Music by Eran Hersh, and more!

$18 Advance Tickets Available Now $30 at the Door