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Prepare Spiritually for Rosh Hashanah

Please join our Zoom series of 5 classes presentation by acclaimed author and lecturer Rabbi Yisrael Rice. These classes will serve as a spiritual preparation for Rosh Hashanah,Yom Kippur and Sukkos.

This 5 class series is based on a Chassidic discourse explaining the special month before the holidays meant to develop our closeness to G-d. The course will begin on Wednesday, August 31st, at 3PM and will continue every Wednesday at 3PM for a total of 5 classes.

Rabbi Yisrael Rice is Head shliach of Marin County, Calif.. He is also the Chairman of the Editorial Board for the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and a member of its Executive Committee. He has authored many courses on Mystical Jewish Life, and has now published The Four Keys of Kabbalah.

Please sign up for this course on our Website For more info, please call Rabbi Smith at (954) 458-6000


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